Air Mail

While settling in to do Cole’s homework with him this evening, a paper airplane landed on my lap. Cole instantly appeared before me with a huge smile on his face. When I unfolded the airplane, I found a sweet hand written note from Cole:


Dear Chet,

I cant wait in tell you are born! I bet you are going to be so so cute! Chet I hope you are going to be a good drawer like me. When you are born I hope you read this Chet. I cant wait for you to be born.

Your big brother,


Add that letter to the list of things that gives me happy tears. I am a very lucky mom.

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3 thoughts on “Air Mail

  1. That is too sweet for words…now I really can’t wait to get my hands on him this afternoon…lots of Grandma love coming his way!!!! He’s heart is so tender and thoughtful!!!!

  2. I got all goosebumpy when I read Cole’s note… the cutest thing ever! I’m sure you’ll save it for when the boys are older and fighting with each other 🙂

    Also, just read your recent post – sounds like Cole might get to meet him sooner than later! Keep us posted, you know, between contractions and dilation 🙂

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