What I will miss…

As my pregnancy is slowly coming to an end, there are so many things I’m going to miss about the past 9 months. Tossing and turning at night, constant bathroom breaks, wearing the same outfit every few days and patiently waiting for Chet to join us in the world are not on that list.

I am going to miss

  • My alone time with Chet. Right now I don’t have to share him with the world. We are together all day long. It’s just me and him.
  • Feeling Chet move around inside me. I feel like I already know his personality through his movements and his patterns. I’m so glad that I’m a woman, and that I get to be on this end of becoming a parent.
  • Prenatal Yoga. I love it. I love the teacher. I love the class. I love my friends in the class. I love carpooling with my friend Rachael to class. I love going to yogurt after class. I might have to pretend to be pregnant again just so I can go to a class or two after he is born.
  • Child Birth Education. It’s safe to say that I’ve become obsessed with blogs, websites, medical reviews, articles, documentaries, etc that focus on child-birth. It’s amazing to me how beautiful the process of pregnancy and delivery is and how very little attention is given the beauty of the journey.  Everything in life has a balance. I’ve truly enjoyed finding balance in my pregnancy.  I feel incredibly fortunate to live in a part of the world where I can create my own birth plan. I’m thankful for every minute I spent educating myself so I can understand my body, my baby, and our bond on a deeper level.
  • Our Doulas. I already miss the classes that we were a part of over the past 8 weeks. I’m so thankful that they will be a part of Chet’s birth story. Again, I might just have to pretend to be pregnant again so I can be a part of their child-birth education classes.
  • The connection with my own body. I have never felt so connected to my body. Everything that I’m feeling and experiencing right now in my body has a purpose. I’m growing a baby. It’s pretty amazing.
  • Observing Christian and Cole bonding with Chet. I’m pretty lucky that I’ve been a part of every single interaction between Christian, Cole and Chet. It makes me love all 3 of them even more.

I have truly loved every part of being pregnant, the good and the bad. It’s been an amazing journey. I’ve been much more relaxed with this pregnancy than I was with Cole. I didn’t obsess over any pregnancy books. Having been pregnant once before gave me a sense of peace and confidence going into this journey. Having an amazingly loving and supportive husband has been my secret weapon. Even when it’s been rough, I’ve never been alone during this pregnancy.  Staying active during most of my pregnancy was also my saving grace.

While I’m sad to say good-bye to pregnancy, I’m very ready to meet the little guy in my belly face to face. I’m ready to share him with Christian and Cole. I want his noises to become a part of the music of our house. I’m also really looking forward to experiencing labor and delivery with Christian.

Any day now would be great! I’m working hard at being patient, but it’s difficult to sit and wait when I know that what I have ahead of me is start of another amazing journey.

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2 thoughts on “What I will miss…

  1. going to miss carpooling to yoga too! 🙂 but we will have our own (me, you and morgan) mommy and me class before you know it 🙂
    can’t wait to meet your Chet soon!

  2. I love you so much and have enjoyed this journey each and everyday!!! I am so excited to meet the Chet monster!!!! can i sneak back into the birthing class too! i miss it as well. I’ve loved this journey but can’t wait to meet Chet! I love you MaMa!

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