Christmas (No) Baby!

Since Chet isn’t ready for the real world yet, I went to bed on Christmas eve hoping he would hang out for at least another 12 hours while his brother enjoyed Christmas.  Fortunately he stayed put. Cole woke up on Christmas morning with both his parents at home, his brother in my belly, and a living room full of presents delivered by Santa. I’m so glad we were home with Cole Christmas morning. As a mom, there is nothing better seeing a smile on your child’s face.

Santa spoiled Cole this year. He brought Cole a fish tank. Christian and Cole will have a lot of quality fish time in their future. Santa is a smart man since a baby is about to occupy a lot of our time in the next few months. I’m excited for Cole to have something of his own that he can do with Christian.

Santa also brought some goodies for Chet. We are hoping he decides to come out and play any day now!

Alex was spoiled too
Cole had fun decorating my belly
I love this kid and that smile

I hope everyone else was spoiled by Santa and got to share the holiday spirit with their families.


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