Maute Moo Update – A Final Post

In twelve hours, I will be at the hospital getting ready to start the process of welcoming my little man into the world. Although this is not how I expected to start our birthing process, I still believe in my birth plan  (read it here).

The plan is this:

Show up at the hospital at 7am.

Get checked to determine my progression.

Based on my progression, I have a few options. My water could be broke if I’ve made good progression this week. I could also be hooked up to pitocin to give Chet the jump-start he needs to get moving.

I’m not going to lie. I’m nervous. I am not a fan of pitocin. I’m nervous to introduce something artificial into a natural process. I did get some reassurance from our practice yesterday and my sister-in-law (an OB/GYN in Northern Virginia). I may only need the pitocin to get to 5cm. From there, my body can take over naturally. I know I have an amazing doctor on call tomorrow.

The unknown scares me. I’m trying to find comfort in the unknown (something I’m not good at – another life lesson thanks to my little baby).

From the beginning, my goal has been and continues to be a peaceful welcome to the world for Chet. Drugs can stress out a baby. I want more than anything for my baby to feel free of stress, to be alert, and to be ready for the world when he is born. Every choice and decision we have made in our birth process has been to provide him with a peaceful birth.

Thank you Tasha for this quote - I carry it with me everywhere I go!

When you’re pregnant, you have less control of your body.  The more you can let go of any illusion of control, the better you’ll feel about yourself. – Thank you Morgan for the quote!

Christian and I have had many discussions about our choice to induce Chet tomorrow. It has not been an easy decision. I spent a good portion of this morning in tears. I’ve fought with insecurities: Did I do enough? Should I have tried ____? Is there something wrong with my baby to make him not want to join the world? Is there something wrong with my body to make it resistance labor?  Am I rushing the process?  After many many tears, I realized that this is not how I want my baby welcomed into the world. He feels every emotion I have. I know I needed the release of those tears so I can embrace the process tomorrow, but I don’t want to drive to the hospital dreading what is to come. Tomorrow is a day to celebrate the birth of our baby boy. Tomorrow night, Christian and I will be parents to another little boy.

I know I still have a few tears in me. I have a feeling I will until I get to the hospital and everything becomes a bit more real. It’s so hard to wrap my brain around the fact that I am actually having a baby tomorrow! With the exception of possibly introducing pitocin, I plan on following my birth plan as closely as possible. I know it may need to be modified, but  I know I have it in place.

While I don’t know much about how tomorrow will actually play out, I do know the final outcome. I’m going to have my sweet baby boy in my arms. Christian is going to be a father. Cole is going to be a big brother. We get to see our parents fall in love with our baby. No matter what, it is going to be a beautiful day.

Stay tuned……Chet can’t wait to meet all of you! And I certainly can’t wait to show him off!

Writing this on my hand tomorrow!

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12 thoughts on “Maute Moo Update – A Final Post

  1. I know the Wood/Bailey household is very excited for you guys!!! We can’t wait to hear the news that Chet has made it safe and sound. I have 2 very special people in my life that were born on January 5th, it’s a great day to share! Just breathe is the name of my design company for a reason… 2 very “easy” words that make such a huge difference. Praying Chet decides he’s ready and just wants to come with no pitocin, but if not, it’s okay…just feel it all..cry it out…feel what you need to feel. At least you know who WON’T be there!!! Hahaha! Thinking of you!!!

  2. I had Pitocin. No big deal. Only needed it to get things going and then nature took over. You are a STRONG women, and I know that this birthing process will be beautiful. Just remember that no matter what road is taken, the destination is still the same…. in the end you get that sweet boy to love and your family will be complete. Will be thinking of you tomorrow! !! GO Kristy!!!!!

  3. Kristy-I am finding myself emotional reading your post because I had the exact same issues with an induction and went through all the same things you are going through. Luckily, Miss Carter decided to come on her own the day I was supposed to be induced (though I denied it as I was only 2 days overdue). So, you never know what could happen tonight! You could show up in the a.m. in the early stages of labor already! Good luck. You are right, either way, naturally, with medicine, a c section, it all will be fine because you’ll have your beautiful baby boy. Just try to focus on that rather than how he actually gets here, if it isn’t according to your plan. Congrats in advance! I cannot wait to check FB to find out the news! HUGS!!!

  4. It will all be fine sweetie….just fine..Baby chet will be here tomorrow…woo hoo…good luck sweetie…will be thinking of u and praying…

  5. No matter what happens, you will be a GREAT mom (well, you already are!). I’m commenting a bit late, so maybe you’ve already had little Chet, so I hope things went as well as they could’ve. Rest up, but don’t forget to post lots of pictures when you’re up & ready 🙂 I’ll be thinking of you!

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