Virtual Run

On February 11, 2012, there will be a virtual run in memory of Sherry Arnold. Sherry is the wife, mother, runner, teacher who was killed on her morning running in Montana in the beginning of January. Her cousin has organized this virtual run through her own blog, Shut Up and Run. If you don’t already read this blog, you can read it here to find out all the details of the run.

Christian will be putting on his running shoes on February 11th to run to honor her memory. I will also be putting on my running shoes. I may walk. I may run. Sherry’s story hit home with me as I’m sure it did with so many other mothers and runners. What happened to her could happen to anyone. I’m sure many of us have left our house at 6:30am to sneak in a run before work or before the crazy of our daily routine begins. I can not imagine not coming home.

On February 11th, people around the world will run for Sherry. I encourage you all to put on your running shoes also. Run. Walk. Carry Sherry with you on your path.

Find more information here:

Shut Up and Run Blog

Facebook Page for the Run


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2 thoughts on “Virtual Run

  1. i used to get up and run in guam at 330am….probably not my best decision. such a sad story and so scary that it could have been anyone who goes out for their morning runs.

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