Chet News. 3 weeks. oh my.

Somehow my days and nights have all blurred together and Chet is now 3 weeks old. I know it’s cliché, but time sure does fly by when you have a new baby

The past two days have given me hope that balance in life can be possible in my future. We made it to Trader Joe’s to grocery shop. We walked 2+ miles at a nice slow leisurely pace. We took Cole to Target, Toys R Us, and Game Stop in search of Skylander figures. We had friends over for a visit.

Chet is also starting to develop a slightly predictable night-time schedule.  Eat and sleep around 9pm. Eat and sleep around midnight. Eat and don’t sleep around 4am.  This 4am feeding is Chet’s witching hour. He is having a hard time relaxing at this time of day. He is so full of gas.  Normally I feed him, rock him, pace the house with him, try to relieve the gas pains until 5am when I hand him over to Christian. Christian always seems to have the magic touch.  He can always get him back to sleep.  Once he’s asleep, he normally wakes back up around 7am. Some mornings I feel awake and ready for the day. Other days, like today, I go back to bed with Chet until around 10:30am. No wonder my days fly by and blur together.

Boobs and gas are the biggest obstacles in our house this week. My boobs. Chet’s gas. I do think my boobs are on the road to recovery, but they are still cracked. They are still sore. I’m also trying to avoid what feels like clogged milk ducts. They are definitely healing though. Thank goodness. While my boobs are getting better, Chet’s gas seems to be getting worse.  He is such a laid back baby that he doesn’t even cry when he is uncomfortable. He just grunts, moans, groans, squirms, and desperately tries to get comfortable. He is his happiest when Christian is swaying him back and forth in his arms (or attached to my boob).

Being a newborn mom is hard work. The high from week one has slowly worn off. Three weeks of little sleep is catching up to me. Hormones and tears have definitely found me when I least expected it.  I’ve felt like I stink at parenting in one moment to completely enjoying every second of my baby in the next moment. It’s all a part of the ride.  He is so worth it. (and don’t worry…I don’t really think I stink at parenting. It’s just hard sometimes. And I don’t know what to do in the moment. But we get through it.)

Chet continues to be a baby with a million expressions. He smiles a lot especially when he is eating. He now sings to my boob after he’s done eating. My mom said it sounds like he is purring.  It’s so sweet. He really is such a good baby…even when he’s having a late night party at 4am.

No more pictures

Thank you to everyone for the emails and comments about my post yesterday and about breast feeding in general. It is so nice to know I’m not alone in my struggles. It’s nice to know other people made it through just fine. I know I haven’t emailed everyone back yet, but Thank you!

And to my friends….I swear I will call each of you back one day soon. I’m so behind on phone calls and emails!

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2 thoughts on “Chet News. 3 weeks. oh my.

  1. enjoy the baby time all you can! don’t add “calling back friends” to the stress list. know we’re here for you when/if you need us – hand over Chet to Christian, go outside on walk with phone, and dial the first friend in speed dial =) otherwise, we’ll talk to you once you’re back in your routine. we love you!

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