Poor Sick Coley

This week marked the beginning of “getting back to normal” in our household. Christian had to return to work. Yes. You heard me correctly. We got spoiled having him home with us for a month. While he wasn’t home 100%, he was never far away. He took two weeks off when Chet was born. During that time, he interviewed for a new job. He got the new job. He turned in his two-week notice. Monday was his first day at his new job.  After eight years of selling booze, he is transitioning to bigger and better. He is now repping for Red Bull and making his resume look even more shiny for future advancements.

With Christian going back to work, I was now responsible for getting Cole ready for school. No more snuggle time with Chet until 8:30am. Mama has to get Cole out of bed at 7:00am.

Just as life was about to get normal, life got real. During the Super Bowl on Sunday, I realized Cole was running a fever. It was still there Monday morning. So much for catching the bus. Cole was home with Chet and me all day long. Tuesday morning he woke up looking a little better, but I kept him home anyway. I didn’t feel comfortable sending him to school knowing he was running a fever in the past 24 hours.  No need to get other kids sick. Today he woke up with a fever again. Off to the doctor we went (our new doctor…who we still love).

Poor Cole hasn't left the couch since Sunday

Because I’m a paranoid new mom, I also made an appointment for Chet (just to be safe!). Chet got a clean bill a health and a small laugh from the doctor when she said, “he’s not having any problems gaining weight, is he?”. Chet is now up to 9lbs 6 oz in just one month.  Cole, on the other hand, has strep throat. Poor boy. No complaints of a sore throat. No swollen glands. Just a fever and blood-shot eyes. Looks like he will be home again tomorrow.

While I expected this week to launch me back into the reality of being solo with baby all day, it has instead taught me that I’ve got this new baby stuff under control (at least for this week). In addition to having a needy little guy, I’ve managed to nurse a big guy back to health. I’ve started pumping (11 oz in the freezer already!). I’ve showered. I’ve cleaned the kitchen. I’ve folded laundry. I know some of you are laughing. I’m laughing too. In my world, a world of being permanently attached to my little guy, a shower, folded laundry, clean dishes, and making it to a doctor’s appointment on time feel like huge accomplishments. I plan on celebrating each one!

My secret weapon to getting things done - the Moby Wrap! Thank you Kandice for allowing me to borrow it!

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2 thoughts on “Poor Sick Coley

  1. LOVE babywearing! I have several different carriers, and I love them all. They have been lifesavers for me because Rowan wants to be held all the time. Even still, at almost 11 months. It’s the only way I get dinner made at night.

    Good work, mama!

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