With only 36 days until the Shamrock Marathon and zero running under my belt in 2012, I’ve decided to defer my entry into the half marathon until next year. While I’m sure I could push myself to cross the finish line, I think I’d be stupid to try. Many factors have gone into me deciding not to run:

New shoes just waiting to get dirty!

1. I haven’t run since having Chet. I really don’t want to think about getting in runs right now. I want to run on days Chet is happy in his stroller. I want to run on days I feel good. I don’t want to run because I’m trying to squeeze in 12 weeks of training into 4 weeks of time.

2. I spent most of 2011 recovering from a stress fracture that stopped me from completing a marathon. I do not want to spend 2012 recovering from an injury. Squeezing in 12 weeks of training into 4 weeks of time is setting myself up for injury.

3. I want to train properly (see #2). I want to have time to bike and do yoga. I can even go to the rec centers on my lunch break to sneak in some cross training. My body needs to be strong before I start running long distances again. I do not, do not, do not want to get injured again because my body is weak. And my body is INCREDIBLY weak right now.

4. I’m sick of doing things half-ass! (I should probably move this to #1.) Last year I got my mileage up to 18 miles before I got injured. I didn’t cross the finish line. Sucked! I finished a half marathon in 3 hours (okay, granted I was six months pregnant BUT I’m not pregnant any more). I’d prefer to finish closer to two hours than 3. I want to push myself. For the past six months, I’ve been run/walking. I do not want to walk anymore.  I want to run and kick my own butt. I do not want to  settle for just finishing.

So I’ve decided to run smart instead of plowing ahead and running a race just because my pride doesn’t like to back down from things I’ve set out to do (although it was a tough pill to swallow). The 8k race hasn’t sold out yet. I might run that race instead. I still plan on running the Cherry Blossom 10 miler. For the rest of 2012…who knows? Richmond is on my radar for November. Half or Full? It will depend on how the transition of going back to work affects me. And then in 2013, I can FINALLY  run the Shamrock Full (and the tiny voice inside my head says “unless you are pregnant again!”).

And happy 5 weeks to my chubby boy! He’s worth every unfinished race, but I can’t wait for him to cheer me on as I cross a few finish lines.

Cole and I were singing "Shake your Booty" to Chet! Think he liked it?

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3 thoughts on “Deferred

  1. You are such a strong woman! I’m running the Shamrock 8k (very slowly) if you want to join! I’m determined not to re-injure my knee and foot, so I’m moving carefully into longer distances and gearing up for June and September triathlons. It is so much harder to pull back, listen to your body and your intuition, and do what is best. But I think that is the mark of a true athlete and strong woman. 🙂

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