Run #2 = Getting Easier

I should probably start checking the weather forecast before I decide to not plan my weekend run to help increase my motivation to actually plan a run.

After running for the first time post-baby last week, I couldn’t tear myself away from my cute cooing (and sometimes crying) baby once this week to go for another run. I thought about it few times during the week. I thought about it again Saturday. As the day passed, I thought I’d go before dinner. It was nice outside. It was a great day for a run, but then Chet got even more cute. He ohh-ed and ahh-ed at all my baby talk so I never left his side.

Before Chet could win me over with his ohhs and ahhs today, I went running right after his morning feeding. Brrr. Cold and raining. It was not a beautiful day to run. I should have run yesterday when it was nice outside.Β  (And for the record, he was super cute while I was gone but only for his daddy.)

Today’s run was one of those “blank” runs. I have no idea what I thought about or if I thought about anything. I don’t remember certain parts of the run. I just ran (and walked). I ignored my watch (for the most part). My brain went blank as soon as my feet hit the pavement. I ran my normal 3 mile loop and before I knew it, I was home.

While my brain went blank mentally, physically my body felt better than last run. Running didn’t feel as foreign to me this go round. My legs felt a little stronger. My back didn’t ache nearly as much. My cardio still stinks, but my time got a little faster! I did sneak a peek at my watch a few times, and I think I’m running an 11 minute mile right now. Come on 10s! Come on 9s! But for now, 11 works for me!

Mile 1: 13:00

Mile 2: 12:47

Mile 3: 12:52

Total: 3.02 miles in 38:50 @ a pace of 12:53 (walking included)

Last week I ran 3.01 in 40:09 at a pace of 13:20. Wouldn’t it be great if I shaved 30 seconds off my mile time, every time I ran!

While I didn’t do any thinking during my run, I did do some think after my run. 40 day goal challenge is going to start again next weekend. I’m working on my list right now. Anyone up for joining me with their own 40 days of goals?

No running photos, but Chet wanted to say Hi!

And while we are talking about weather, please let it behave itself tonight. Cole is flying home from Nashville, and I don’t want him to get delayed!

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2 thoughts on “Run #2 = Getting Easier

  1. Awesome job! I missed my Saturday run, too because Rowan had a fever and just wanted snuggles all day! I’d love to do a 40 day goal challenge… I’ll have to start thinking. πŸ™‚

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