Redeemed (and motivated)

Remember that race I ran two weekends ago when everything fell a part? It’s been bothering me. I know it happens to everyone. I also know I’m capable of more. Faster. Stronger. Better. This morning I set out to redeem myself with a little additional motivation pushing me a long. My husband has just recentlyContinue reading “Redeemed (and motivated)”

I am Showing Up.

When I first started this blog, I was finding myself. I was finding the space inside me that felt alive, aware, present, and comfortable. I was blooming. I was learning to love myself a little bit more and a little bit better. Life provided me the most wonderful pause button when I discovered that IContinue reading “I am Showing Up.”

Mental Health Day

Cough. Cough. I’m sick today. well….not really sick. Just tired. Just in need of some down time. Chet monster woke up 4 times last night and he nursed for at least 15 minutes each time (yay for nursing!). When my alarm went off this morning I felt like I never went to bed. After aContinue reading “Mental Health Day”