It’s 10am in our house.  Chet’s napping. Cole is off to school. I’ve already ran 2.5 miles. I’ve showered. Now what do I do for the rest of the day? Since it is going to be 80 degrees outside today, I have a feeling we will be venturing outside.

Beautiful day in Virginia Beach

This is not a normal morning in our household. It started off so well today because……..

drum roll please……..

Chet slept for a little more than 6 hours last night! He crashed for the evening around 9:15 last night, and he didn’t wake up until 3:40. Although I didn’t sleep the entire stretch because I had to wake up to check on him a few times, it still felt amazing.  I’ve forgotten how productive I can be with sleep.

I felt so good that I put on my running shoes as soon as Cole got on the bus. I left Chet at home with daddy, but I did take our furry baby with me. It was our first run together in a long time. The run felt great. I ran the first mile and a half without walking. Woo! Not bad for my third run post baby.  My garmin battery was dead so I don’t have accurate times to tell you. I did using endomondo, but i turn it on long before I start running. I also had to stop for Alex to use the bathroom and to bag it (and to take a picture). The mile splits on endomondo don’t reflect what I really ran (or how good I felt) so I’m ignoring the crappy time!

So happy to be running

Sometimes it’s best to celebrate how good you are feeling instead of over analyzing numbers that don’t reflect actual output. Yes. I’m guilty of over scrutinizing the map and paces listed to try to figure out what I really ran minus the warmup, cooldown, doggy break, and photo shoot. So Silly! At any given point on the map, my running pace ranges from 9:40s to 11:00s. Honestly though, it just felt good to run without walking every few minutes!

Happy 8 weeks to my not so itty bitty baby!

snoozing while I shower


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