Celebrating Two Months!

Let’s go ahead and get all the clichés done with:

He’s getting so big so fast.

Time sure does fly.

He’s not such a baby anymore.

Yesterday marked Chet’s two month birthday. We celebrate in the least fun way possible. Chet went to the doctor for his monthly check-up. He’s now weighing in at 10 lbs 14 oz (50%) and 22.25 inches (25%). Maybe he won’t be taller than the rest of his family. With a short mom and short average dad and tiny brother, Chet wants to feel like he is a part of our family (for now).

Chet also got one shot during this visit. (Yes. We vaccinate. We aren’t as hippy or as granola as you’d expect BUT we do modify the vaccination schedule. With a Graduate Degree in Health Education majority of my course work focused on Public Health. I appreciate and value the invention of vaccinations for major illnesses.) He had a HUGE smile on his face when he got his shot that quickly turned to a squeal. I think I’ll make him cry before his next shot at his next appointment because seeing that smile turn to tears made this mama cry too. That one shot has made my baby boy extra snuggling the past 24 hours. I’ll happily snuggle away.

How can you not snuggle this sweet boy? Happy two months Chet! You sir make our entire family incredibly happy!

And if you don’t believe me that he is getting so big so fast, that time really does fly, and that he isn’t looking like such a baby anymore, take a look at his one month photos.

I tried hard to get him to smile, but I settled for not crying photos! You wouldn’t want your picture taken either if you had just gone to the doctor.

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12 thoughts on “Celebrating Two Months!

  1. Good for you on the vaccinations! I’m not directly in public health myself, but I do quite a bit of work with epidemiologists… Maybe it’s their influence, but I have never understood the anti-vaccine camp. The myth that vaccines cause autism has been thoroughly debunked. The doctor that wrote the (only) paper on the subject was discredited as a quack.

    And… more importantly… adorable photos! 🙂

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