No More “I’m Sorry”

Another beautiful day in Virginia Beach. Another great night of sleep. Chet slept from 8:30pm until 2:30am (and I was smart enough to go to bed by 9:30). He did wake back up at 4:30 to eat some more, but then he slept until 7:30. After our morning feeding and pump session, I headed out to get in a run before Christian had to leave for work.

With dog in tow, I conquered another 3 miles.

Because today was beautiful outside, there were several other runners out this morning. Every time I got passed by someone running, I found myself wanting to tell them that I just had a baby. I wanted to justify my pace. I wanted them to understand why I was walking during that block. I found myself wishing I had a sign on my back that said “This is only my 7th run since having a baby.” I wanted to apologize for my performance. Instead of focusing on the fact that I was out there running regardless of pace, I was focusing on what I used to be before I got pregnant.

It only took until mile 2.75 for me to realize this was a recipe for disaster. I was passed by the same guy for the 2nd time. Excuse me sir. I want you to know I just had a baby. I know you’ve passed me twice (although I have no clue what route you are running), and I use to run almost as fast as you. I’m sorry I’m so slow.

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How is it that I forget everything I already know when I put on my running shoes? I’ve become run dumb. Having run the last half of 2011 with a run/walk ratio, my brain is still stuck in run/walk mode. It hasn’t changed gears yet. I haven’t had that moment when things click just yet. Every time I’ve headed out all 7 of my runs since having Chet, I want things to click. They are never going to click if I keep apologizing to everyone who is running around me. I need to quit apologizing, and I need to just keep running.

Today’s running reality check: I’ve only run 7 times since having a baby. It’s okay to be in a different place than I was during marathon training. I need to celebrate that I’m running again. I’m making a little more progress with every run. Every run puts me one day closer to running at my new post-baby running pace. There is no need to apologize!

Today’s  run:

Once again my garmin and endomondo were different. Pick your favorite!


Mile 1: 12:00

Mile 2: 12:32

Mile 3: 13:00

Total: 3.01 miles at a pace of 12:31


Mile 1: 12:12

Mile 2: 12:41

Mile 3: 12:42

Total: 3.16 miles at a 12:38 pace

And guess who is 9 weeks old today!!! This cute baby!


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4 thoughts on “No More “I’m Sorry”

  1. I have the opposite problem. The “I just had a baby” excuse is kind past its statue of limitations!! I am right there with you with being frustrated I am no where near where I was pre-pregnancy. Oh well, we have our whole life to be awesome runners but only a few short months with a newborn. I love the quote because I agree my running blocks are mostly mental. Once I was determined enough I learned (again) how to run through the pain and enjoy the feeling when I was done! :o)

  2. Keep trugging along! Running is the BEST when you make it about you and only you!!!! It’s so much more enjoyable!!!!

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