A Run with a Best Friend

Post Run Doggy Smiles

Although this guy did join me, this post is not about running with a 4 legged best friend.

Yesterday’s run was a run with myself.

After my last run, my friend Erin passed along some words of wisdom. She told me that I should never say something to myself on a run that I wouldn’t say to my best friend. I would never tell my best friend she is slow. I would never say she’s a long way from her pre-baby/pre-injury running self. On today’s run, I left all of that crap with my last run. Today’s run was a fresh start. Isn’t that one of the reasons running is so rewarding? Every run you get to start over. You can leave the bad runs behind you, and you can start fresh. The baby, the pregnancy, the injury have nothing to do with this run. This run starts the second you leave the door and ends when you get home. It is what you do in between that defines that run. No more excuses. No more I’m sorrys. I just ran and laughed (yup! out loud!) and enjoyed the 30 plus minutes I gave to myself. I’m not trying to win any race. I just want to enjoy each run, challenge myself to become stronger, and give myself a break mentally. Those 3 miles brought me back to center.

And guess what? It worked! I ran all 3 miles without walking (technically).

Here’s a break down of yesterday’s run:

Mile 1: 11:18

Mile 2:  11:19

Mile 3: 11:28

Total: 3.01 at a pace of 11:22

Slowly but surely, I am finding my running legs again. A week ago I would have LOVED to see 11s for my mile pace. I’m embrace and celebrate yesterday’s run for exactly what it was: a great reminder of how much I love running and that I am capable of bouncing back.

And now to the technically portion…

I did stop twice. No walking. Just stopped. I stopped my watch too.

The dog pooped and I had to bag it.

I also decided to try out a new app on my iphone: Jog.FM. It/I had some technically difficulties. It has the potential to be a really awesome app. The app scans your itunes for the type of music you like. It calculates your speed. It then generates music for you on your run based on your pace and music preference. It stopped playing after 1 song. I ran for a mile and half with no music after that, but I really wanted music. I would tell my best friend to stop, dig our her phone, and fix her music so that is exactly what I did. I switched over to my own trusted itunes and ran home listening to Eric Hutchinson.

I haven’t ruled out the Jog.FM app yet. I’ve heard great things about it. I just need to play with it before I’m running. In its defense, I had never even opened the app on my phone before I headed out the door. I’ll try it again next time.

This weekend I’m running an 8k. It feels so good to enjoy a run before race day!

Note: After writing this post I played with the Run.FM app some more. I think I solved my problem. If you have it detect your speed, you can’t lock your phone the traditional way. You have to use their lock feature. I’ll try it again on my next run and keep you posted.

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