You say it’s your birthday….

…It’s my birthday too!

Yes! I always wake up with The Beatles singing in my head on my birthday.

Even better than The Beatles singing to me this morning was the sweet baby boy snoozing on my chest. For the past few weeks, Chet no longer wants to snuggle with his mama in the early morning hours. I always try to keep him in bed with me after his last nighttime feeding, but he wants nothing to do with it. Instead of wasting precious sleep time trying to make him comfortable, I put him where he really wants to be – his Moses basket. This morning he woke up to feed at 5am. As I was feeding him, I considered putting on my running shoes after he was back to sleep. When I put him up on my shoulder to burp him, he got incredibly cozy and drifted off to sleep. We slept and snuggled until my alarm went off at 6. I will take all the baby snuggles I can get at this point.

After getting myself ready, the rest of the house came to life. Cole woke up. Christian woke up. Chet woke up. The boys spoiled me with a bag full of running goodies – new shorts (since my old shorts fit but it isn’t pretty!), Nuun of my own (that I don’t have to share with my husband), new sweaty band, and post running goodies. Even though I always insist that I don’t want/need anything (and I really truly mean it. I’m not a big fan of being spoiled, seriously! It makes me uncomfortable. When I tell Christian not to buy me anything, it isn’t a trick so I can get mad at him when he doesn’t. I really don’t need gifts), a bag full of new running things always makes me happy.

Tonight I plan on going for a 3.2 mile run in my new shorts (seems fitting since I am now 32!). Christian is going to cook me dinner (as always). And I plan on snuggling my two boys as much as they will let me.

Mr. Bald and Mr. Hair

My email, cell phone, and Facebook has been flooded with Happy Birthday messages today! Thank you all! I got one from my sweet friend Heather that really made me smile. Thank you Heather!

A happiest of birthdays to you, Kristy! Your joy ripples outward 🙂

There is something incredibly satisfying about this stage of my life. With each new layer of love I embrace in my life, my world feels happier and more full and alive. 

31 was pretty darn good to me. I can’t imagine 32 being any different.

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6 thoughts on “You say it’s your birthday….

  1. Hi. I found your image when looking for a Beatles Birthday image for a relative. Hope you don`t mind if I share it (the Beatles Birthday!) to wish him a Happy Birthday!! If for some reason you prefer it is not used, let me know . Many thanks and happy days to you!!

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