No Cooking Sunday

No Soup. No Salad. Papa Johns Pizza delivered to our door (by my husband since I refuse to pay the delivery fee and tip the drive when the pizza place is less than 1 mile from our house).

Although I didn’t do any cooking this weekend, I did spend nearly the entire weekend in the kitchen. Our pantry was emptied out, scrubbed from top to bottom, painted, and organized.


We have those nasty, annoying, gross, hard to get rid of moths!

We were lucky enough to get them last summer. While we thought we got rid of them, they reappeared again this winter. Again I thought I found the source of the problem. After a short vacation, they are back again. Just as I was having enough, Brittany at A Healthy Slice of Life was also battling these annoying pests. I decided to follow all her suggestions since she had already done the research for me. If you have the same problem, go read her blog. She explains it all.

Christian and I have had it on our to-do list to tackle a pantry remodel since we moved into our house a year and half ago. In fact, I swore up and down that the 1980s mirrored pantry doors would be the first thing to go when we moved into our house. Like all things in life, priorities got rearranged and we are still living with those lovely doors…

Don't mind my outfit (I was grabbing a snack before Race for a Cure 5k). It's the only picture of our lovely doors I could find. (and a great motivator to keep loosing baby weight!)

…until today. They have been removed and our now on our back porch waiting for trash day.

After putting both boys to bed on Saturday night, I set out to sanitize every inch of our pantry. I removed every food item. I threw away all items that could possible be infested (luckily our pantry isn’t well stocked right now). I scrubbed the walls. I scrubbed the floors. I scrubbed our makeshift shelves (Absolut Vodka display cases courtesy of Christian’s job).

This is what my kitchen looked like when I went to bed (those silver things were our shelves)

Today I tackled the rest. I scrubbed every surface again. I painted the pantry a bright sunny yellow. I love a closet/pantry with a fun splash of color. I had the yellow paint leftover from Chet’s closet. I think the paint on the pantry walls was original to our house (1960, even older than the lovely mirrored doors).

The walls were so happy to get a fresh coat of paint

Once the walls were painted, I really didn’t want to put the old “pretend” shelves back in our pantry. Christian head to Home Depot to find a new solution for our empty closet. He came home with a great shelf and a new container for the dog food. After some assembly and some reorganizing, our pantry is coming back to life (hopefully removing the life of any moths that avoided my cleaning frenzy).

Sadly I don't have a before photo since I wasn't planning on a complete makeover until half way through this project

Tomorrow I will be buying canisters for all of our baking ingredients. I will be scrubbing our baking cabinet from top to bottom, and all the items will be moving into the pantry. Next weekend we plan on installing new pantry doors.

Although completely unplanned, it is always fun to breathe life into our 52-year-old house.

Next on the priority list…a new front and back door!

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4 thoughts on “No Cooking Sunday

  1. 2 things – pizza delivery guys work mostly for tips, so tip them; and I so want those “make shift” shelves if you don’t use them elsewhere! Love them! Can’t wait to come see the “new” place sometime soon.

    1. 1 – we do carry out now! If we did do delivery, I promise I always tip 🙂

      2 – Christian is working on the garage. If the don’t finda new home, they are yours!

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