Oh! Hello!

First I have to say that everyone in the Virginia Beach community is incredibly lucky tonight (and I hope it stays that way). I’m so thankful that no one has been reported as deceased due to the plane crash today

About an hour before the plane crashed, I decided to try out my new method of sneaking in runs during the work week that won’t interfere with my family time: lunch break runs. I get 30 minutes (with some flexibility) for my lunch break. Since I travel around the city for my work, I can plan my day to be in a good running location near lunch time. Today I had nothing of importance on my afternoon work schedule, so I knew I wouldn’t mind being a little stinky/sweaty going into the last half of my work day.

30 minute lunch break = 2 mile run

I was right by my house today, so I stopped of at my house, changed clothes, grabbed the dog, and set off on a 2 mile loop. My game plan for today’s run was to start slow and finish strong. I wanted to focus on my running position. I have established the horrible habit of looking down while I’m running. I focus on the what is directly in front of me, and I don’t look ahead. Today I kept my head up and my eyes forward.

The first time I glanced down at my watch, I saw a 10! My first thought: So much for starting of slow. Revise Plan. Run one mile in the 10s, and run home at whatever pace I could maintain. When my watch beeped for the first mile, I had run a 10:30 mile. Oh my goodness! I was excited! Not only was I in the 10s, but I was a good minute faster than my run on Monday. Revise Plan Again. Hang onto 10 as long as you can. When I looked down at my watch again, I was still in the 10s. I was also running fast than my first mile. At this point, I knew I had another 10ish minute mile in me. I just had to keep running. My watch beeped again. 10:21. Oh my goodness! I was more than excited! I had just a short stretch until I got home, so I gave it all I had. Another .15 at a pace of 9:52. Not only did I run my entire run in the 10s, I had held onto my original plan. I finished stronger than I started.

Today’s Run:

Mile 1: 10:30

Mile 2: 10:21

Final .15: 9:52 pace

Total: 2.15 miles in 22:25 @ a pace of 10:25

And the best part of the run is that I finished knowing I could have pushed further and ran more if I had the time.Okay. Not Really. The best part of the run was feeling like I had my running legs back. I finally felt like I was running.

I’ve signed up for the Elizabeth River Run 10k at the end of May. I’m going to make myself a flexible training plan that includes lunch break runs and weekend long runs. Two miles during lunch is a heck of a lot better than no running at all. Sorry to all of you that I work with on a daily basis. My hair will be in a pony tail on some afternoons, and I might be a little smelly for a few hours. In return for the smell and sloppy look, I promise I will be extra upbeat.

Yes Sara. This is your shirt. I just found it in my drawer. Sorry!

Remember on Monday when I said that I just knew 10s where right around the corner? I had no idea I would see them on my next run. I took over a minute off my pace. Yes! I was smiling ear to ear when I finished today’s run!

This sweet baby turned 3 months old yesterday! Stay tuned for his 3 month photos! I promise to post them this weekend.

Thanks Nicole for the cute bib!

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Finally made it into my 30s. Life is simple, rewarding, and full of lessons to be learned and goals to achieve.

3 thoughts on “Oh! Hello!

  1. Amazing!! Congrats! I’ve been seeing some 10’s on my garmin, too and I share your excitement! Go us!

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