National Run Day 2012

Now this is a made up holiday that I truly enjoy celebrating. Mother’s day. No. Valentine’s day. No. National Run Day. Yes please!

I run to feel a connection to myself and the earth I live on. Every time my foot hits the pavement, the concrete, the trail, and the sand, a small piece of me becomes rooted to my world. Running allows me to connect with myself. It allows me to connect with my friends. It allows me to live and breathe and feel alive.

Today I celebrated national run day with my friends Heidi and Rachael. We meet up for a lunch time run on the boardwalk. Heidi just ran an amazing half marathon on Saturday (read her race report). Her legs are still recovery. I am was thrilled that she was even up for running. Rachael has super speedy legs. I was terrified to run with her. We were three runners of all different paces meeting up to run for fun today. After cranking out a 9:48 minute mile (did I mention they were both pushing their children in their strollers? and I was running kid-less.) and another strong half mile, we took a break. At this point we turned around. To give Heidi and her legs a much deserved break, I took over pushing her one year old cutie Rowan. Holy Smokes. There is a huge difference between pushing Chet and her baby. For the mile and half back to our cars, we took turns pushing.

After talking, learning about the wonderful world of burpees (thanks Rachael!), and owwing and ahhing over their two cute kiddos, I decided to run some more miles. We had just run 3.5 miles, but my legs were feeling good. I knew I had some more in me. The next mile and half surprised me. I most certainly had something left in them.

Mile 1: 9:48

Mile 2: 11:45 (including walk break)

Mile 3: 11:19 (including walk break)

Mile 4: 10:09

Mile 5: 9:08!!!!!!!

Final .15: 1:10

Total: 5.15 miles in 53:21, 10:22 pace

To further celebrate National Run Day, I signed up for the Virginia Beach Rock n Roll Half Marathon. It’s the kick off to three half marathons I plan on running this fall.

Thanks ladies for the great run today!

And….today I rocked a pair of pre-preggo pants for the first time! Woo! A 9:08 mile at the end of a 5 mile run and pre-preggo pants. Now that is worth celebrating!

Read my 2011 National Run Day blog too!


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5 thoughts on “National Run Day 2012

  1. you forgot to mention your husbands great morning 5K in Seashore!!!! Great run babe! I’m glad you got to run with your friends!

    1. VB Rock n Roll Half. Hampton Crawlin Crab Half in October. Richmond Half in November……….and then finally tackling full marathon training over the winter to run the Shamrock marathon in 2013 šŸ™‚

      What’s on your plate! I still hope to cross paths with you at one of these races!!!

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