Celebrating Five Months

On June 5th, Chet turned 5 months old. How did we get here already? How did my sweet little newborn turn into a baby with a huge personality.

Our biggest challenge this month has been breast-feeding. Chet has been very opinionated about his eating. We’ve had days he has refused to nurse at all. We have had days he will only nurse in the morning. Fortunately he has always nursed in the middle of the night. I can’t imagine having to make a bottle for a 2am feeding. For the first time in a long time, today Chet choose to nurse for every single feeding. I’m hoping we are making a turn for the better. While I am committed to pumping, it is so much easier to breast feed not to mention all the other benefits and the bonding time between me and my little man. I also feel like I have my milk supply under control (this week). Our freezer no longer has a huge reserve, but I am making just enough to feed him each day.

Our biggest celebration this month….well I don’t think I can pick just one. Chet got his first tooth on his fifth month birthday. He gracefully rolls all over the house. He is finally pushing up on his arm when he is enjoying tummy time. He is pulling his knees underneath him to start training for a crawling marathon. He is now a belly sleeper. We also introduced food. Sweet potatoes are as far as we have ventured so far. It is hit or miss right now. Some nights he eagerly eats a few spoon finger fulls. Other nights he is done after a taste. This week we will introduce another veggie to his routine.

Chet’s personality is also starting to shine through. He is silly, goofy, and very talkative. He thinks his mama is funny. He loves to stare at his daddy. He is intrigued by his brother and his dog. He always puts on the sweetest smile when he sees his grandma in the morning. He adores his other grandma and both grandpas too. He belly laughs at every silly sound he hears. He has even started engage in conversations with us. He makes a noise. We mimic him. He repeats it. This goes back and forth all day long. He is also in love with the outdoors. He happily sits in his stroller on walks and runs. He hangs out with his grandma all day long. He is so content when he is outside.

Life with baby is becoming a whole lot of fun!

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