Redeemed (and motivated)

Remember that race I ran two weekends ago when everything fell a part? It’s been bothering me. I know it happens to everyone. I also know I’m capable of more. Faster. Stronger. Better.

This morning I set out to redeem myself with a little additional motivation pushing me a long. My husband has just recently started running. Friday morning he ran 6.2 miles in the park…..a whole heck of a lot faster than my Elizabeth River Run. For someone who has NEVER run 6.2 miles, for someone who is new to running, I am so impressed by his determination to just keep going. But I also would like to be faster than him (for as long as I possibly can – he is already improving his times at rapid speed!)

I met Heidi and her super cute cutie Rowan for a 10k this morning. We were going to win. My goal for the run – run faster than Christian (1:07:55). I was out to beat my Elizabeth River Run time (1:16:51) and prove to myself that my race was just a bad day. Heidi had her own goal for the morning too – more than double her distance pushing the jogging stroller.

And we were off.

We started way too fast. It was hot and humid already at 8:30am (Hotter than my previous race day). Slowly but surely the miles started to tick away. We were running a loop. Each segment was checked off our list. By mile 4, I thought I might fall over. I was so hot. So dehydrated (I still can’t figure out how to feel hydrated on a run while breast-feeding. Tips anyone? I drink A LOT of water). We hit the boardwalk and headed straight for the showers. Cold water on my head has never felt so good. At mile 5 we hit the Rudee Inlet bridge (yes! The bridge from my run on thursday!). Up and over we went. The down hill has never felt so good. By the time my watch hit 6.0, I thought I was going to puke. Heat and dehydration are not a good combination.

Finally we hit 6.2. And I did it. (She did it too! I can not believe she pushed her 15 month old the entire way and dragged me to the finish line with her! Seriously Heidi! You are amazing!)

Mile 1: 10:16

Mile 2: 10:19

Mile 3: 10:23

Mile 4: 10:31

Mile 5: 11:02 (sigh – yes this one 11 gets on my nerves!)

Mile 6: 10:55

Final .21: 2:13

Total: 6.21 miles in 1:05:39 (pace: 10:34)

I can now file away my memories of the Elizabeth River Run (I took almost 11 and a half minutes off my time). Monday kicks of training for the Rock n Roll half marathon Labor Day weekend. This was just the boost I needed to start on a positive note. Full speed ahead into hot summer running.

Mental notes for future runs: Focus on running negative splits (which my husband executed perfectly!) Start slow!

And the cherry on top – We did beat Christian. Although I’m sure he will be back out there next Friday squashing my time. Maybe I will join him!

Hanging out with the seals again this morning

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5 thoughts on “Redeemed (and motivated)

  1. Ya’ll did great! Proud of you both! I’ll set a new PR next friday for ya’ll to beat. 🙂

  2. You are doing GREAT Kristy! I can not believe that you gave birth 5 months ago and you are already making great strides in your running.
    So the Elizabeth River Run was not the best running day. You are right, we ALL have those days! But you came back and pushed yourself for some great times. I find lots of inspiration in you my friend.

    I struggle with hydration sometimes too. Have you tried Nuun tablets? Check them out. I will drink a glass of water with one tablet in it an hour before I head out for a run and then I try to down some gulps of just plain water every two miles or so. This system seems to work pretty well for me.

    Keep up the great work and happy running!

  3. I would recommend drinking something with electrolytes in it, not just water, to help with the dehydration! Matt also really likes using salt tablets (he’s a super salty sweater and gets hyponatrimia during races without them), and they may help with the electrolyte balance if you’re drinking a lot of water.

    Congrats on an awesome run!!!! I’m so impressed with how well you are coming back from pregnancy! I took a month off and feel like it’s impossible to come back.

    1. Thank you! And good call on the salt! I’m a very salty sweater. I didn’t even think about that option, but I’m going to test it out!

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