Omg. Hands free mama quoted your blog on her status updated on Facebook.

I saw this text on my phone after I put Chet down for his afternoon nap and as I walked out the door to do some yard work in the backyard.

What? Me? My Blog?

I rushed to my computer. I pulled up Facebook. And there I was. My words were posted on the Facebook page for a blog I love and adore – a blog that has inspired me to be a better mom – a blog that has encouraged me to really engage with life. My words were quoted by the gifted writer of Hands Free Mama.

To say I’m honored is an understatement.

View from my 10 mile run this weekend

Like most bloggers, I have many reasons for writing. It’s therapeutic. It’s a creative outlet. It lets me blow the dust off my English degree. It keeps me focused and accountable. The more I share, the more I hope someone, anyone, even just one reader, will find comfort in my words. I always try to be honest in my blog. I try to share the ugly along with the pretty. I always try to be real. A lot of my posts leave me feeling vulnerable and questioning if I should share. Does anyone really want to read what I have to say?

Just when I start to feel like I’m the only person who finds truth in my words, I get an email thanking me for my words. I’ve had several friends thank me for my honesty as I struggled through the first few weeks of Chet’s life. I’ve had other friends send me a message to let me know they are running too. I’ve created friendships and support systems with other bloggers that have really helped enhance my life.

To have my words – and not just any words. Words that define everything I strive for in life – recognized by a woman I believe is a gift to everyone who reads her writing……….well I’m honored. It feels amazing to have my words validated by someone so special to me (who is a complete stranger).

For those of you that have found my blog thanks to Hands Free Mama (and there are a lot of you!), thank you for taking time in your day to read my blog. To those of you who have sent me messages to thank me for my words, thank you. You all inspire me. To those of you who have always read my blog, thank you too! This blog has become a safe place for me to peel back layers of my life. It has become a place for me to become vulnerable so I can continue to grow as a person, wife, and mother.

I think I’m still in shock that my blog was read (and quoted) by a blog with such an important life message.

Loving our Life – enjoying the Farm while picking up our CSA goodies

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