A Little Taste of Staying Home

The past 3 days, I’ve been home from work – Monday, car work. Tuesday, constipated baby running a fever and throwing up. Wednesday, recovering from a night of no sleep but a lot of dirty diapers and a fever breaking.

A working car and a healthy baby allowed me to sink my teeth into pretending to be a stay at home mom today. Up first, a quick trip to New Earth Farm to pick up our weekly CSA box. (I know I’ve said it before, but that smell never gets old. Even Cole mentioned how good the farm smells today. Earth smells amazing! Go find an organic farmer in your community, stand in the middle of the field, and inhale. I think you’ll love it too!)

After the farm our day got a little fishy (pun intended). We headed to the aquarium. We played along side the harbor seals. We saw fish and more fish and more fish. We saw sharks and sea turtles. Cole got to burn of some store up energy from being held captive in our house on Monday and Tuesday, and Chet stared wide-eyed at everything around him.

As soon as we got home, all the lack of sleep from the past two days caught up to me. I was exhausted. I put Finding Nemo on to entertain us while we ate lunch.

After the first few minutes, Chet was oblivious to the television until…..Squirt, the baby sea turtle, came on the television. He stopped nursing. He arched his head to see the TV, and he let out the sweetest belly laugh. (okay. maybe I don’t mind that he watched tv for a few minutes!).

I sure could get used to staying at home.

While I’ve been home the past 3 days, we have also been prepping for the Olympics! Post coming soon, but I couldn’t help but be inspired when I saw this post on One Perfect Day

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6 thoughts on “A Little Taste of Staying Home

  1. We love the aquarium too, that sounds like such a perfect day. The last pic of Chet is adorable! Thanks for linking back to my post. The olympic rings threading activity looks great doesn’t it?

    1. The activity really got my brain spinning. We are in the process of creating so much to celebrate the Olympics! Thanks for planting the seed 🙂

  2. It sounds like you’ve had a great few days!!! Just think how much more special these days are since you can’t do it everyday 🙂

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