Olympic Spirit

I love the Olympics. I love everything it represents – Faster. Higher. Stronger. I love the unification of countries. I love healthy competition. I love seeing people fulfill their Olympic dreams. Last night we celebrated by decorating, cooking, and watching the opening ceremonies.

Decorating – Inspired by One Perfect Day, Cole created Olympic rings for our house.

Cooking – Chet and I made cookies. Cole came home from playing with his cousins just in time to help decorate. We also made fish and chips for dinner (not pictures. I forgot!)

Even Chet’s feet got into the Olympic spirit. I’ve had a soft spot for England since visiting in high school and after I feel in love with British Literature in college.


Fun Fact: Both my baby boys were born during a summer Olympic year. I have great memories of watching the 2004 Olympics with Cole in my arms. I think 2012 will produce similar memories!

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2 thoughts on “Olympic Spirit

  1. OMG how awesome!!!!! Such a brilliant idea!!!! And those booties are so freaking adorable I can’t get over it! PS I completely bawled watching the women’s gymnastics team. My first summer Olympics memory is Keri Strug’s vault, and it was so awesome to finally see history repeated last night!!!

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