It’s a family affair

The Wicked 10k is slowly becoming a family affair in our house hold. My mom joined me again this year on the race course. I gushed all about it last year, and I am repeating it again this year.

When you run, you know how good it feels to push yourself and to cross a finish line. Although I love feeling this feeling, I love it even more when I watch people accomplish this within themselves. Seriously. Go spectate a race. Hang out and watch the last person cross the finish line. It will move you to tears (and make you want to sign up for a race too). I love it even more when I see it in someone I love. Watching my nonrunning mom (who is going to have to admit see is slowly becoming a running), run across a finish line made me shed a few tears too. She ran the 10k in 1:24:59 nearly 5 minutes faster than last year. Even though my mom says she isn’t a runner, a 13:42 minute mile sure does sound like it includes running.

Running Mama

Cole also joined us in our new family tradition this year. He ran the Monster Mile, and at the last minute, he invited me to join him. I jumped at the chance of running with my eight year old. I know I won’t have too many of these invitations. It was one of the best miles I’ve ever run. We laughed. We talked. His speedy little legs took off once we got out of the congested start. He crossed the finish line with an 11 minute mile, but when the course opened up and he was able to run, he was maintaining an 8 minute mile.

Running with my Boy

I think we need to recruit another family member next year? Husband? Dad? Amy? Can Chet do a Monster Mile at almost 2? I’m loving this family tradition.

Speaking of traditions, I think this might need to be one also.

Wicked 10k 2011/ Wicked 10k 2012

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4 thoughts on “It’s a family affair

  1. How awesome is it that you are able to share such a healthy, FUN activity with your family! These photos are great and the memories that you created are even better. GO COLE! and your Mom too! Amazing!

    Oh, and Chet’s face of pure joy in that last photo is priceless! Frame that baby!

  2. LOOOOOOOVE this!!!!! The last photo cracks me up so much!!!

    When I ran my first Princess Half at Disney World in 2011, my mom walked the 5K (prior to a double knee replacement) and was crying when she finished because she was so proud of herself. I’ve never been happier for her, watching her earn her medal. She had really hoped that after her knees were done, she’d be able to run again (she ran XC in high school), but they were only able to do an athletic implant in one of the knees and because the other is stabilized with cement, she can’t run. But that hasn’t stopped her determination: in January, when we do the Goofy Challenge, I’m going to walk the half marathon with her – her first – and I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she crosses the finish line!

    And, and yes, I also applied, but I haven’t heard anything, either.

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