And Here I Go Again

Some how running has saturated my blog lately. I swear I have more going on, but running has really become my focus lately. After much thought (and review of our family budget), I’ve decided not to run the Richmond half marathon next weekend. I’ve met and exceeded all of my goals for fall racing. Although I really do believe I have another PR in my legs right now for the Richmond race, I’m going to use all of that energy and plow ahead into training for a full marathon.

For the next four plus months, expect a lot of posts about crying in the middle of long runs. Expect a very anxious Kristy as I tackle 18 miles (the last run I completed last time I trained for this marathon before I got injured).

I am so ready to start this process. I am so ready to work towards this goal of mine again. I am so ready. From now until March 17th, I will be running double digits every single weekend. Because I’m starting my training a little sooner than the typical 20 week training plans, I’ve built in a lot of fall back weeks. I’m trying to eliminate as many possibilities for stress fractures as possible.

And because I’m completely type A, I’ve designed my training plan to include a Plan A and a Plan B. Plan A is for weeks when life falls into place. Plan B is for when life gets crazy. Plan A includes very specific runs: hills, speed work, tempo runs, and easy runs. Plan B is basic mileage. I hope to follow Plan A because right now I’m craving more structured run workouts, but I know I need an easy option as Cole starts swim, Chet becomes crazy, and Christian continues to commute for work. So Plan B is there just in case.

Love seeing 22 on paper

I’ve also schedule two days of strength and two days of yoga. And as always, I will squeeze in as much yoga as I can.

So here I go again. Marathon attempt take 2. I have one goal right now. Cross the finish line injury free. Training starts tomorrow with 11 or so miles.

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7 thoughts on “And Here I Go Again

  1. Hey Kristy, where did you find that training plan? I too am hoping to run the Shamrock full, and need a plan. I love the idea of strength and yoga mixed in every week. BTW I finished my yoga class today and had a message from Katie. I went straight to DePaul in my yoga clothes and all. Her daughter was born a little before 4:00, in the tub. It was truly her perfect birth!

  2. Great post. I can’t wait to read how the training goes. I also would love to know if you have a favorite online place to find training plans. I have been working on adding miles (not as worried about times yet) and even though I am listing to my body mostly, I would love to have a guide to help me.

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