Celebrating Ten Months

Double Digits! Chet turn 10 months on November 5th.

Official Weigh-in:

15 lbs 10 oz

28 inches long

This child of mine, he is an animal. He’s crazy. Seriously. He is a wild child. He loves to wrestle (and pull hair and bite). He loves to tackle and be tackled. He loves to be thrown around and knocked over. He’s a brut. And he’s mean (in the best possible way). He loves to be tossed in the air and flipped upside down. Anyone sitting on the floor is fair game. He will want to wrestle. His favorite game: playing catch. He loves to throw and catch the ball and will do it for hours. He also loves to chase the ball all over the house. He’ll hit it and chase it. Hit it and chase it. The only time he is calm and quiet is when we go outside or when he’s wrapped up in the Moby wrap ready for a nap (still huge Moby wrap fans in our house!).

As his crazy wild personality continues to develop, he also continues to check things off the development checklist. He’s waving and using it appropriately. He plays Indian with his mouth (wahawaha). He’s a dancing machine. And he is standing. I keep expecting him to say “look mom. no hands”. He’s ditched army crawling completely and is super speedy on his knees. He’s conquered the stairs. He is nice enough to stop at step #2 to make sure we are chasing him.

He’s talking up a storm. Mama. Papa (in a whisper). oooof (woof).  Ba (ball) and his new favorite. CaCa (Cole Cole). It’s so cute to see him using words appropriately too.

Food continues to progress. I’m feeding him whatever we are eating now. If I don’t he is sure to sit at my feet and beg. We are still sticking with whole foods and organic (mostly), and nothing is off-limits anymore. I’m trying to add more flavors and more textures. He was getting bored with plain veggies and rice. This months favorites include turkey, broccoli, cheese, and waffles. I’ve also added coconut oil to his meals (substitute for butter and other oils). Thank you Vegan Mama for the wonderful recommendation to help encourage weight gain. It’s a huge hit in our house, and his weight is increasing!

Breast feeding is still going strong too. It seems to have completely balanced itself out. Although I’m not putting much in the freezer, I’m not taking much out either. He isn’t very interested in the bottle when he is with my mom during the day. Instead he nurses a lot in the evenings and into the late night hours. No. He still isn’t sleeping.

Life with a double-digit baby is fun. It’s busy. I can’t turn my head for a second, but watching his crazy personality bloom is such a wonderful experience.

Oh – and he’s teething! note the drool in the pictures below. He still only has the 4 teeth that popped through in his 5th month, but I think we have a few on the way.

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6 thoughts on “Celebrating Ten Months

  1. Look at those chompers! I’m glad the coconut oil is working out for you guys, and that it’s helping Chet’s weight gain. I was so relieved when it helped my little one, too – I’ve always been worried about her weight gain since I had such a terrible milk supply in the early months. Alma is 10 months old today, so just about a month behind your little guy!

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