Celebrating One Year

Since Chet will be 13 months tomorrow, it’s about time I get his last monthly update on my blog. One year has come and gone. My baby boy is in full on toddler mode. He walks. He runs. He talks. He laughs from deep within his belly. Because life has been a whirlwind, I don’t know what happened last month or this month, so this will be a compilation of all things Chet as he finished up the first year of his life.

Teeth: 7 with at least 3 more on the way. He finally moved passed 4.

Eating: Hello real foods. He eats what we eat.

Nursing: I quit pumping at a year. He also quit wanting a bottle with my mom, so the timing was perfect. He has also quit wanting to nurse during the day over the past few weeks. Now we nurse in the morning and before bed. And can I please get a high-five for actually making it to a year with just nursing. It was a long hard road with lots of insecurities, doubts, and questions, but we did it. I learned to trust and enjoy they journey. We made it!

Milk: After A LOT of thought, we decided to introduce milk. A long talk with our pediatrician is what swayed us in this direction. Chet is small. He isn’t on the growth charts. He eats a ton. He was nursing all night long. Milk is a good source of vitamins, calories, and fat for his itty bitty body. I’m signing up for milk to be delivered to our home. Whole milk. It’s not officially organic (but I don’t believe in all the practices that must be followed to call milk organic. No antibiotics? How can you love your cow like family, if you won’t treat it when it is sick. End rant. That is for another day!). Chet LOVES milk too.

Sleep: This is a tough one. Up until about two weeks ago nothing had changed. I was still nursing about 2 times a night, but the tide is changing. It started to switch to one wake up around 4am. This past week, he has slept through the night every other night. Can I please get another high-five? Babies do things when they are ready. When they are ready, everything falls into place. TRUST! This baby of mine is teaching me the value of trusting life.

Words: He has a ton. Dog. Mama. Papa. Brother. Cole. Grandpa. Beer (sad, but true. That’s what happens when your dad works in the beer industry). Ball. Milk. He can tell you what a dog says: Woof. He can tell you what a cow says: Moo. And he grunts, groans, and whines the rest of his needs.

Current Favorites: Dancing. Mickey Mouse. Balls. Shape-sorted toys (he’s getting the hang of it too!). His car/stroller. Outside. Being Chased.





Cole took over the camera so I could talk to their papa


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5 thoughts on “Celebrating One Year

  1. What a doll! You have done great mama! Congrats for staying true to your journey and drowning out the sometimes deafening noise, y’all did it and you did it your way!

  2. We’ve gotta get together sometime! I haven’t seen Chet since Chloe was in my belly! I just went back and read your 10 and 11 month posts too- I’m SO trying to trust that I’ll keep making enough milk for Chloe but it’s definitely dropped off a bit lately and is scary! I’m hoping she follows Chet’s suit too and once weaned will sleep through the night- you give me hope that it can happen!! haha 🙂

  3. BIG high-five for making it a year (and beyond!) nursing! That is such a huge accomplishment. Be proud, mama!

  4. OMG I LOVE that he knows the word beer! HAHAHAHA That could create some really funny moments in the months to come! I’m so amazed by how well you handled the past year. If I ever get crazy enough to decide I want a baby, I hope I can be half as good as you.

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