This weekend I ran a half marathon from my front door. This run was everything I need it to be. It was fast (for me). It was easy (relatively speaking). It was fun. It felt good. It was refreshing. It was joyous. It was one of those really good runs you wish you could repeat every weekend. It was light. It was one of those runs you crave after a bad run. It was one of those runs you remind yourself of after that bad run to keep yourself moving forward. I ran smart and finished fast (my fastest mile was mile 13). It was exactly what I needed at this point in my training.

Four weeks until my marathon. Next weekend calls for 20 plus miles, and then I taper.

I was mentally fading. Running through a cold winter that has been so emotionally heavy has had me feeling exhausted. After last weekends 20 miler, I was feeling proud. I was feeling optimistic. But I was so tired.

My new unofficial half marathon PR this weekend gave me the boost I needed. It refilled my energy level. My training plan is working. I finally feel like I’m going to cross the finish line of my marathon in four weeks. (!!!!!!!)

13.16 miles in 2:07:51 (9:43 pace)


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6 thoughts on “Lighter

  1. You are on fire!
    I have loved reading along with your training and I cannot believe that you are only four weeks out! Your marathon is built at this point. Just take care of yourself and keep trusting your training.
    And Kristy, so happy that you are feeling lighter. You deserve some wind in your sails!

    1. This comment has been playing in my head all weekend! Thank you! My marathon is built is built at this point. I really needed to read those words since I’ve been so sick.

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