Marathon Snapshot

If you’re a visual person, you want to see things on paper. I like numbers. I like charts. I like statistics. I like pretty pictures to go along with them. Here is a visual of my race – the map, stats, and each mile pace. On paper (or computer screen), it’s easy to see where I turned on cruise control. Mile 17, the 12 minute mile, was my banana break mile.

Garmin Info

Favorite moments of the race:

  • The Rudee Inlet bridge. Something about running that bridge makes race day seem official.
  • Laughing and talking with Lei and Kathleen about things you can only talk about on a run – and hearing the people around us crack up.
  • My husband and his cowbell – up and down the course. A lot. So much that I told him to go away. But he always reappeared just in time.
  • The stretch along the boardwalk. I felt like I was running. It felt so good.
  • The half way mark and hearing Bon Jovi
  • Being in a daze along the North End and Rachael magically appearing before me. She was like a running fairy godmother!
  • My dad trying to convince me that I need his jacket or his sweatshirt. I’ll always be his kid!
  • Rachael laughing about how no one was allowed to say “DD” – dig deep
  • Seeing Heidi’s happy face
  • Finally seeing the gate leaving the military base
  • Seeing my family again. Cole was running along the course cheering. Chet started waving from so far away. He knew it was me.
  • My mom crying at mile 23. I’ll always be her kid too.
  • Christian telling me “it is your baby you are feeling” at mile 24.
  • Rachael telling me to dig deep for the final stretch. (final running pace was 9:28 pace for the last half mile. I hope I can remember that lesson!)
  • The finish line
  • Hearing a friend call my name – so nice to see another familiar face of a childhood friend! (thanks Melissa!)
  • The big hug and tears with my husband post race

I can’t believe I ran 26.2 miles. Along the way in training, you can become a bit desensitized to distance. Only 14 miles. Just 17 miles. I ran 26.2 miles. I ran for 4 hours and 40 minutes. That is crazy!!!!

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10 thoughts on “Marathon Snapshot

  1. I am a visual person too. Before the race, i check the map so i am not clueless come race day. Then, after the race, I like to see the map again and try to recall what happened… but not as detailed like yours. Most of the time, I don’t remember what happened along the course. LOL!
    Awesome job again! Congrats!

  2. This is so great Kristy…you really embraced this run. I know your not too crazy with your time but just think of all these sweat moments you might have missed along the way had you been too focused on your time. Seems to me it was the perfect first marathon! Bring on Nov. I’m ready to cheer some more!

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