Breathing Room, February Edition

February always feels like of month of settling to me. I’ve recovered from the holidays. We have some breathing room (pun not intended) between Chet’s birthday and the marathon birthday cycle that comes with spring. Our family patterns always seem to settle in to place in February.

This February, with my focus on bringing breathing room back into my life, I’m noticing wonderful changes. As I eliminate clutter and unnecessary commitments, I’ve made room for things I value: my marriage, my kids and friendship. Laughter and smiles are filling up the space that was once cluttered.

Date nights, time with friends, running and biking are the high lights from this month.

More love, more laughs, more breathing.


(And running out of ice cream which created a great laugh when my husband delivered the bite that was left.)

Published by Kristy

Finally made it into my 30s. Life is simple, rewarding, and full of lessons to be learned and goals to achieve.

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