Breathing Room, February Edition

February always feels like of month of settling to me. I’ve recovered from the holidays. We have some breathing room (pun not intended) between Chet’s birthday and the marathon birthday cycle that comes with spring. Our family patterns always seem to settle in to place in February. This February, with my focus on bringing breathingContinue reading “Breathing Room, February Edition”

Breathing Room (by Room)

With my life changing to a new chapter, I knew the priority of this chapter had to be about space. It had to be about finding my breath again. I had to create breathing room in my life. After tackling our garage project a few weekends ago, I knew the rest of the house hadContinue reading “Breathing Room (by Room)”


I won’t attempt to duplicate what others have already said so well on Facebook, on blogs, on instagram, on the great big world wide web. While others have been talking about this runner who so tragically died on her morning run last Monday, I have stayed quiet. I’ve been quiet not because the story didn’tContinue reading “#megsmiles”


Friday morning I put my suitcase in my car, and I headed north. I had a weekend planned with my Aunt Beth. Rhett Miller from the Old 97s was singing at The Hamilton in Washington, D.C. ******** Over the years my Aunt Amy’s friendship with Rhett Miller evolved. He invited her on stage to singContinue reading “Firefly.”

Room to Breathe

Shedding. Stripped. Simplify. I’ve tossed around all these words since 2014 started. The concept is exactly what I need. I need less of everything in my life right now. While the root of all these words is exactly what I need, I just don’t like the words. They haven’t been working for me. Even ifContinue reading “Room to Breathe”