Shamrock Spotlight: Hollie (LOLZ)


We are so excited to be bringing you the “Shamrock Spotlight Series” on our blogs! The Yuengling Shamrock Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, 8k Races bring thousands of runners, of all ages, abilities and locations, to the Virginia Beach oceanfront every year! As J&A Racing Live Love Run Ambassadors, we decided we wanted to celebrate these races, J&A Racing, and our community by doing a series that highlights participants, both local and out of town, on their journey to this years’ races.

We were incredibly fortunate to get the response we did when asking for volunteers to be spotlighted, and are grateful for the opportunity to share their stories with you!

Kristy and Lesleyanne




Age: 23

Current City: Pemberton Township, NJ (but I’m always a Hampton Roads Girl!)

Training for the Shamrock Half Marathon

“Let’s see here.  My name is Hollie and I’m 23 year old lover of anything and everything running. After moving 4 times in 2013, I can safely say the only thing that has stayed stable is running. 

The Shamrock half marathon is my absolute favorite race.  First, J&A races puts on the best races I’ve ever been too.  They have the best beer (Yuengling!), the best crowd and crowd support and there is no event to top it.  Second, the Hampton Roads Running Community (Tidewater Striders!) are some of my closest friends.  No running community I’ve ever been a part of can compete in my heart when the friends I have made through running down there.” 


Why you are running a Shamrock race in 2014?  Shamrock is my favorite race series.  I love the course, the excitement and the fact that all of my running friends live in VA Beach.  I am making a vacation and coming home to run it.

When did you start running? July 4th, 2010 would be the first time I considered myself a “real runner” eager for more.  I ran off and on from March-July before then but only to cross train for swim team.  At a VA Beach 5k on July 4th, I surprised myself and my dad running a 22 minute 5k.  For someone who had failed the mile test in gym class a few years prior, this was shocking.  I don’t know if I had extreme runners high but I emailed my college’s cross country coach and signed up for my college team the day after.  From then on I have been hooked. I have a much longer version (link here:

How many races have you done and what’s your favorite?  I’ve done entirely too many races to count.  My favorite though is easy and that is Shamrock!  I like the half marathon distance the most followed by the collegiate female 6k!

Where do you prefer to run?  In VA but anywhere warm right now will do.

What’s the longest distance you’ve run? NYCM in the fall

What is the one thing you DON’T like about running? Thigh chaffing

Favorite post-run indulgence?  Wawa coffee and a crab meat Broken Egg Bistro omelet.

Favorite running shoe?  For training Newtons and for racing the Nike Lunar LT

Favorite song to run to?  It’s Going Down” Young Joc

Favorite website to waste time on?  Having a blog I think I spend too much time on the internet myself. Not in any particular order but I love anything and everything social media: facebook, blogging, twitter, instagram.  I’ll just stop there.

Favorite running moment?  This is really difficult for me.  I could tell you my favorite running moment was when I met my significant other at a college cross country race.  I could tell you it was the 5k on July 4th that set my running into motion.  I could tell you it was when I won the Plattsburgh half marathon in 2011 or when I placed 9th overall in the Nike half Marathon setting a PR I never dreamed I was capable of.  I could tell you it was breaking the tape of a local race for the first time. I could tell you it was last summer when I was accepted to run for Oiselle. In reality my favorite running moment was when I passed the mile in high school gym class by 15 seconds.

If you could pick one celebrity to run with, who would it be? Ryan Hall because my life goal is to woo him.  Tyra Banks must have some sort workout plan.  I hope its running because I would love to run with her.


 Good Luck Hollie!

You can follow Hollie here:



Twitter: @fueledbylolz

Instagram: @fueledbylolz

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