My 34th Year

I have sat down several times trying to articulate my goals for my 34th year. Nothing has felt right yet. I don’t want a list. I don’t want an obligation. I want laughter and a light heart. I want the courage to show up to the start line (of all aspects of life) knowing I’m good enough, strong enough, and bad ass enough to make it happen. I don’t want ego, but I do want the confidence to boldly walk my own path without justifying or down playing my intentions. I want to feel myself open to the world. I want to say “this is me” and “I really like me.” Being bold is scary. Being brave is scary.

Maybe I’m taking the task of writing down my wishes for my 34th year a little too serious. Maybe that’s the point of not being able to write them down. Instead of writing it, I need to live it. Maybe I just need to show up, let the world see me, let the world hear my laughter, and know that I’m living my life with my whole heart.

Here’s to a great year of life! Here’s to living!


Sunrise on the day of my birth!


Published by Kristy

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