Breathing Room, March Edition

In so many way, March has felt like a month of celebration. My to-do lists and house check lists took a back seat this month. Very few household projects were tackled. The mounds of laundry in our bedroom found a home, and the back yard got a much need cleaning. Old bushes were removed and we now have a clean slate for future summer projects. This month wasn’t about all the small projects because we are gradually making progress. The small steps forwards have lifted so much stress off our daily life. In the places stress used to linger, laughter is taking over.

This month was filled with family days at the beach, more snow days spent inside, date nights with my favorite friends, and enjoying Shamrock Marathon weekend as a family. It was filled with family dance parties. It was filled with birthday celebrations.

The more we remove the physical stresses around us and the emotional stress we put on ourselves, the more room we make for living life with a light heart.


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