Rooted in Now

There is a lesson in life that I’m trying to learn. It’s waiting for me, at my finger tips, begging me to embrace it. I’m trying. I’m trying to learn.

Right now is all that matters. Happiness comes from finding peace in this very moment, in these exact circumstances. It’s not in tomorrow or the next day. It’s not next year. It’s right now.

I daydream a lot about the future. This is a good thing. Having dreams is good. This is also a bad thing. When I start comparing my now to where I want to be, I rob myself of happiness. I rob myself of enjoying my life right now.

I watched the Boston Marathon with tears rolling down my face because I know that in heart of every single one of those runners is a dream coming true. I want to be in Boston. I sit anxiously by my phone hoping for a phone call that announces good news. I want my phone to ring. I wait for an opportunity to make a change. I want change. I plot out goals for my next race. I want faster. I make family and life plans. I want more.

All of this is good. All of this provides hope which keeps me optimistic and positive. Yet all of this can steal today’s happiness from me too. It’s a balancing act. One I haven’t mastered yet.

Happiness isn’t found by looking forward. Happiness is found right now. It’s found in space we exist in at the given moment. If this isn’t our root, we can’t grow. We can’t depend on the hope of our dreams to pull us towards the sun. Our roots have to be in the present moment. This is where we have to start. We have to appreciate right now before we can move forward.

This is what I’m trying to learn.

Part of my work day - for this I am grateful
Part of my work day – for this I am grateful

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