Heart Whispers do turn into Songs!

“Peace begins with a smile” ~Mother Theresa

This is exactly what the next chapter of my life will be about! After being broken hearted a few months ago, things changed! My hearted whispered that the no I recieved was really a yes to something else. The story wasn’t over yet. I listened. And it wasn’t over. In the following weeks, I was re invited back to Operation Smile. I worked with the same team. I meet with with more team members. I learned more and more about the organization. The more I continued to invest myself in the process, the more I knew an oppurtunity was coming my way.

Last night, my phone rang! On the other end of the line was a job offer.

My head is in a hundred places right now. My heart is singing. I gave my notice at my job this morning. Change is happening.

I’ve smiled. I’ve cried. I’ve exhaled really loudly.

This isn’t just a job I wanted. This is the first step in the right direction of creating something I’ve always wanted for my life. This job, this change, is honoring every single heart whisper I’ve had since my heart started whispering. I honestly have no words. When I think of all the dots that have connected to get me here, I’m emotionally overwhelmed. I feel so lucky, so honored, to have the chance to follow a dream.

The mission of this organization has always been my life passion. Their mission is to heal children’s smiles and transforms lives around the globe. This is what I know I’m supposed to be a part of. I get to be a key figure in making these mission trips happen. Everyday I get to go to work knowing that I’m making a difference.

I’m still wrapping my head around it all! It all feels very surreal. I’m flying high right now and smiling!


Published by Kristy

Storyteller. Copywriter. Connector. Documenting the inhales and exhales of daily live.

5 thoughts on “Heart Whispers do turn into Songs!

  1. You earned this. I saw mom’s eyes fill with tears and I had an allergy attack. It is great that you get to join a worthwhile cause in a couple years maybe I will join you!

  2. Oh Kristy! I am super-duper happy for you:-)
    I just KNEW that they would call you back….I felt that when I read your broken-hearted post. And I am so happy that dreams are coming true for you. It gives me hope. I have been feeling tugs here and there, but I have no direction yet. Just that something feels off. I am going to start listening to those whispers. Life is short. I admire you searching and not settling. I need to do more of that. Much love friend. CONGRATS!

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