Breathing Room (by Room), Summer Facelift

My parents brought a breath of fresh air to my house plans just when everything was starting to go stale. Do to some rearranging in their own home, they needed to get rid of the bed in their guest room. The timing is perfect since Christian and I have enjoyed our cozy full size bed since our lives joined forces under one roof. A full size bed was always perfect. He was always close. It felt cozy and connected. One dog later and a toddler who likes to wander into our room every now and then, our cozy bed has run out of room. We are upgrading. The shift in our room is causing a trickle effect into the boys rooms as well. Cole is inheriting our bed (which also gives us the ability to host guests if anyone is in town), and Chet will inherit Cole’s bed. With all the shifting going on, I’m taking advantage of the time to organize and add a splash of life to our bedroom as well.

Master Bedroom

  • Queen Size Bed
  • New Sheets and pillows
  • New Bed Skirt
  • Paint walls
  • Refinish bedside table
  • Refinish Dresser
  • Add some character. Fortunately we already have most of the elements I want in our bedroom, so I just need to buy the final touches.
bedroom inspiration via Pinterest
bedroom inspiration via Pinterest

Cole’s Room

  • New Bed
  • New Sheets/Comforter
  • Rearrange

Chet’s Room

  • Bye bye crib/toddler bed
  • New Bed
  • New Sheets/Comforter

While making our bedrooms work for our family will add a huge benefit to our daily living, there is one eye sore in our house I am having a hard time ignoring: our front room/the boys play room. We had great intentions when we created this space (read the Kid Cave post here). Those intentions have never been put to full use. The Kid Cave has never been fully utilized and it has turned into a messy play room/place to drop things when we walk in the door. It’s time to reclaim that space and make it part of the heartbeat of our house.

The Kid Cave is turning into a quiet retreat. With Chet inheriting Cole’s bed, we are left with my dad’s amazing childhood bed frame and an extra twin mattress. I prefer items that have history and are well-loved instead of newly purchased items, so this makes my heart sing! We will be turning it into a daybed/couch. The toys are moving out. The books are moving in. The fish tank is relocating. A desk is taking its place. The train table is staying for now. I’m really excited about what this room can become for our family. I know I need a place that lacks noise, and I know my family needs it too. RIght now every room in our house is filled with toys. We need (I want) a place to read a good book, to practice yoga, to play a card game as a family, and to just relax. I can’t wait to see what it becomes. We already have most of the elements we are looking for, so the redo won’t cost us much money

Front Room Makeover

  • Day Bed
  • Buy bedding
  • Move rocking chair to room
  • Move desk to room
  • Remove all old furniture
  • New baskets for train tracks
  • Rearrange artwork
  • Switch out curtains with sheers we already have, new rod above small window
  • Out with the toys, in with the books! the train table can stay
front room inspiration via Pinterest
front room inspiration via Pinterest


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