Home. Seven years later. 

This house became our home seven years ago this summer. I fell in love with the trees, the neighborhood, and the energy of the home. It was love at first sight.  We bought from the original owners. Built in 1960, a family was born and raised here. You could feel it the moment you walkedContinue reading “Home. Seven years later. “

Breathing Room (by Room), Summer Facelift

My parents brought a breath of fresh air to my house plans just when everything was starting to go stale. Do to some rearranging in their own home, they needed to get rid of the bed in their guest room. The timing is perfect since Christian and I have enjoyed our cozy full size bedContinue reading “Breathing Room (by Room), Summer Facelift”

Breathing Room (by Room)

With my life changing to a new chapter, I knew the priority of this chapter had to be about space. It had to be about finding my breath again. I had to create breathing room in my life. After tackling our garage project a few weekends ago, I knew the rest of the house hadContinue reading “Breathing Room (by Room)”