Because every day is Soup-er: Potato Chowder

Today’s soup was planned for Sunday. Christian went to the grocery store for breakfast stuff before any of us were really awake. After breakfast, he went back to the grocery store to get soup ingredients because I had just decided what to make. I sent him with a list and off he went. When ChetContinue reading “Because every day is Soup-er: Potato Chowder”

Soup-er Snow Day: Creamy Chipotle Chicken Tortellini

With the threat of snow, I rushed out to the grocery store (along with everyone else in this town) and filled my cart with ingredients for soup (plus eggs, apples, and bananas) yesterday. If the town is going to shut down for the day, I wanted soup cooking in my slow cooker. The town didn’tContinue reading “Soup-er Snow Day: Creamy Chipotle Chicken Tortellini”

Soup-er Sunday: Springtime Minestrone

Eighty degrees in December did not leave me craving soup. I wanted to grill out in my flip flops and drink beer. I resisted the urge, found a light crock pot soup recipe, and just drank beer in flip flops instead. We are in the midst of a two week sleep battle in our houseContinue reading “Soup-er Sunday: Springtime Minestrone”

Soup-er Sunday: creamy vegetable soup

It’s been far too long since Soup-er Sunday has been part of our weekend routine. I have no real excuse for letting this habit fall away except a new baby and marathon training. Now that the new baby is almost 2, its time for a comeback. Chet loves to help me cook, and soups areContinue reading “Soup-er Sunday: creamy vegetable soup”