Soup-er Sunday: Springtime Minestrone

Eighty degrees in December did not leave me craving soup. I wanted to grill out in my flip flops and drink beer. I resisted the urge, found a light crock pot soup recipe, and just drank beer in flip flops instead.

We are in the midst of a two week sleep battle in our house (I think teething turned into bad habits). Exhausted is an understatement. After 8 hot miles on trails this morning, I was very thankful for this simple recipe that cooked itself. The only task I had to complete was some simply veggie chopping.

I found the recipe on Pinterest (who needs cookbooks anymore?).

Springtime Crockpot Minestrone


We had Christian’s mom over for dinner before she leaves for the holiday. I was either distracted or starving, but I forgot to take a picture. Oops. I borrow my photo from the website.


The soup was a pleasant surprise. It all came together at the end better than I had expected. Blame my absent mind or my exhaustion, but I also forgot to add the peas. We didn’t miss them, but I will add them next time (since I now have a bag in my freezer).

This soup was perfect on an 80 degree day in December.

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