A little bit of fun sandwiched by a lot of sick

Our holiday weekend consisted of a little bit of fun sandwiched between a lot of sick.  While the entire household has managed to have some sort of funk, we did manage to squeeze in an hour or two of fun here and there.  Saturday morning started off great.  We all slept in – possibly a sign of the sick that was to come.  Everyone slept until 8.  In our house, that is late! Cole headed to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, and Christian and I (and his two buddies) headed to Richmond. While I enjoyed my lunch with Erin and Sara, Christian biked the James River Park System.  I truly enjoyed my lunch, but I’m always a tiny bit jealous when Christian is off doing some great outdoor activity. Yes! Sometimes I want to have my cake and eat it too!

The sicko bug hit me about twenty minutes from home on our drive back from Richmond.  Bring on the stomach pains, aches, and fever.  I spent the night in a half comma on the couch.  My mom and dad were wonderful enough to offer to keep Cole over night so I could sleep as needed.  Thank you mom and dad.

Sunday morning was slow-moving for me, but I managed enough energy to visit the beach for  a few hours.  It seemed to be my cure! The high light of the day was watching Cole walk straight for the ocean. He ventured out further than he ever has, and he didn’t want to get out! Score 1 for summer! It doesn’t look like Cole will need a breaking-in period this year.  In the past, he usually starts enjoying the summer mid-August.

And he just kept going...

Sunday night Christian got attached by the sicko bug.  I think his Jimmy Buffett hangover combined with his allergies turned into some nasty type of sinus funk. He was up all night with a fever, hot flashes, and chills.

Monday brought the sicko out in us all.  While Christian definitely has the worst of it, Cole and I both are just blah.  Early bedtime for everyone!

Hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend. While we did miss out on some fun pool parties and BBQs due to our germs, we all have caught up on sleep and have had some fun times watching movies on the living room floor.

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