Running while pregnant requires A LOT of stuff. Camelbak for water. Cell phone just in case. Gu just in case.

What is your source of motivation? It’s all around us. Everyday. It’s our job to notice it. It may come from within.  It may come from a friend, spouse, family member, or coworker.  It may come from a commercial on TV or from a book we are reading.  For me, my motivation always comes in the form of a whisper. It is a gentle reminder of things I want to accomplish in my life.

This week I’ve found my motivation in unexpected places.  I’ve found motivation from my friend Nicole twice this week.  Once by asking me for a recommendation on at-home yoga videos.  I instantly found my body craving yoga. Thanks to Nicole’s email, I had a great yoga practice and meditation.  Nicole also came through with motivation bright and early Wednesday morning. I had talked myself to sleeping in until I read an email from her. She talked about how she loves her morning runs.  I changed my mind and had a great 4 mile run (my first since my injury and pregnancy). Thank you Nicole!

I’ve found motivation in my visit with my doctor this week.  She reconfirmed my running plan is not only safe for the baby but healthy for both of us.  This has given me even more motivation to train “hard” for the Rock n Roll half marathon. She also gave me the best advice.  She said that everyone has an opinion about pregnancy.  Everyone wants to share their opinions about pregnancy.  I need to practice being the Queen of England. Wave. Smile. Say thank you. Continue what I’m doing. Everyone’s opinions about pregnancy may not relate to my pregnancy.  I can’t let them bother me personally.

Poolside with the pup

I also found motivation to recommit to healthy eating thanks to an 8 lbs weight gain last month. Pregnant or not, I don’t need dessert every night of the week.  This is the biggest thing I’ve let creep back into my life since becoming pregnant.  I normally don’t eat after dinner.  Because I’m pregnant, if I don’t eat shortly before bed I wake up sick to my stomach in the morning. Dessert is not the solution to that problem.  I’m snacking on healthy choices before bed.

I’m using this long weekend to embrace the motivation that is all around me. Today I ran 5 miles. This is my first 5 mile run post-injury, and it felt great.  I swam, kind of.  I ran from our house to Christian’s parents house.  They have a nice big pool in their backyard.  I traded in my running shoes for my swim suit, and I did some laps around their pool with the help of a kick board.  It’s a start!  We all have to start somewhere, and I have lots of mental blocks when it comes to swimming. I spent the afternoon finishing up the family room with the help of my mom. I then spent the evening back in the pool followed by a yummy grill out – steak, scallops, salad, avocado, and grilled peaches. YUMMY!

Christian's awesome dinner creation! YUM!

Sunday better watch out. I’m on a mission!

Crazy Dog is learning how to swim!
Sometimes he does better on the sidelines!

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