Hello Pregnancy Brain!

It’s official. Pregnancy brain has taken over.  Today was a series of blunders that left me laughing.

I went to work today with one goal in mind – have a full successful day. I started off good. I head right out to one of my rec centers.  As I was leaving the center, I realized I had locked my keys in my work car.  On a normal day, it wouldn’t be a big deal. I’d call work. Someone would rescue me. Today I was the only person working in my office. There was no one to call.  Fortunately my mom lives right around the corner. She came to my rescue. As soon as I got in her car, I started to panic. I couldn’t find my sunglasses. Ummm….they were on my face!

At dinner tonight, I couldn’t even follow a simple question Christian’s dad was asking me. It took at least 3 rephrasing for me to understand his question. Holy smokes. Where is my brain?

Oh how I wish I loved the treadmill

In between my absent-mindedness that wont’ go away, I did tackle something new today.  I ran on the treadmill today after work.  I think the last time I ran on a treadmill was over a year ago. I’m not exactly a graceful treadmill runner. I can’t figure out my stride. My pace is always 2 minutes slower than my pace outside.  One of these days I’ll figure it out.  Today wasn’t that day.  Once again, I ran even slower than my current pregnancy pace.  On the road, I’m averaging about an 11:30 minute mile pace when running. On the treadmill, I struggled to run a 13:30 minute mile pace. Oh tread mill – we are not best friends. Maybe one day I will love you. My absent-minded brain is easily distracted. I find myself staring at the little dots on the track hoping they will disappear faster.  The only good thing I got out of my treadmill run today was the ability to monitor my heart rate the entire time.  I stayed right around 125.  Perfect for me right now. I’ve got some room to push a little harder on race day, but I’m quite happy sitting comfortably at my 13:30 minute mile on the tread mill.  Love it or hate it, the treadmill allowed me to knock out a 5k today while avoiding the 100 degree temperatures. It’s going to be hot all week, so I will be back to continue my kind of like/hate relationship with the treadmill.  (Maybe postbaby, I can find some love for the treadmill when I start interval training.)

Post Run Glow

And a funny side note to make you laugh – Cole is very intrigued about the arrival of Maute Moo. Yesterday he wanted to make sure he wouldn’t have to be in the room when I was dealing with all the “pressure”. Today he said, “Let’s just hope this is a Maute Moo and not a Maute Moo Moo because then you will have to have double pressure.” Crazy kid! I’d love to know how he came up with his definition of labor!

Off to do family yoga with Cole. He’s been begging to do yoga with me for 2 days. I guess I should say yes! After all, it is good for both of us!

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