And we have lift off….

True to yesterdays theme of pregnancy, I completely forgot to mention that it was the start of a new week for Maute Moo.  I am now officially in my 18th week of pregnancy. This week has been a big week for me in terms of pregnancy. I feel like this week has officially launched me into the joys of pregnancy.

#1 – Yesterday was the first time people felt comfortable enough to ask me if I’m pregnant! I see a lot people at work through out the day. Some I know really well. Those people know I’m pregnant. Some people I see all the time, and we wave and smile. It’s these people who have started asking if I’m having a baby. Two people asked yesterday.  Another person asked today.  Today’s question came from a complete stranger. She is a yoga instructor at the Rec Center, and I meet her for the first time today. I guess I really look pregnant!!!

#2 – I know without a doubt that I felt Maute Moo today. For about a week now, I’ve been speculating that there is a lot of movement in my belly but nothing that made me feel confident to call it a kick. Today at lunch Maute Moo was kicking – or head butting or body slamming. He/She was moving!

#3 – We purchased our first baby item today!  Besides buying a baby book a few months back, we haven’t bought anything for Maute Moo yet.  We’ve been lucky enough to receive some amazing gifts already. Our checking account has been safe until today. This morning at work I got an email from my friend Kandice. BOBs are on sale a Babies R Us. I knew before we were even pregnant that I wanted a BOB. The price tag is slightly intimidating. Okay let’s be honest – the price tag is INCREDIBLY intimidating. They are expensive. I’ve looked at other brands. I’ve checked Craigslist for used ones. My heart really wants a BOB and so do my running legs. Everyone swears by them.  Everyone says they are worth every penny. We took the leap of faith and ordered one.  Thanks to the wonderful world of Facebook, my friend Tracy mentioned that they would honor an additional coupon if you call. I called. They honored it. We got an AMAZING deal on our BOB. It’s a brand new 2010 Revolution (Why do I feel like I’m talking about a new car?).

This makes my heart happy!!!!

Do you remember when I posted about my broken Garmin a few weeks ago? I mentioned how horrible I am at talking on the phone.  Normally I would have asked Christian to call Babies R Us. If there is one thing that I dread more than making phone calls, it is asking for a bargain.  With the size of the BOB’s price tag, I knew it was worth a phone call, and Christian is up to his eyeballs with work events. I sucked it up, and I called. The man on the other end of the phone wasn’t too eager to give me an extra discount, but when I asked again he said yes! Maybe I’m not so bad at the phone stuff after all.

I’m looking pregnant. I’m feeling the baby. My dream running stroller could be delivered to my doorstep as early as Friday.  Today is a good day in my pregnant world!

Maute Moo is ready to Run!

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5 thoughts on “And we have lift off….

  1. Best stroller, big price tag… but has great re-sale value as well!! Way to go, and congratulations! Very exciting purchase. I bet Cole can ever break it in for you 🙂

    1. I’m already trying to talk him into sitting in for a jog around the block. He’s not going for it. Other kids might see him 🙂

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