Lesson Not Learned. Lesson Defeated.

Remember my run back in June when I could barely make it 4 miles on the board walk? I vowed to avoid the boardwalk this summer.  Remember my run last saturday? I swore I learned my lesson about the boardwalk and summer heat.  I even posted yesterday that I wouldn’t run on the boardwalk today. To quote myself, I said “I learned my lesson last weekend. I won’t be running on the boardwalk.”

Guess where I ended up this morning?

The boardwalk. And a whole lot more of the oceanfront area.

I just can't stay away

I started off my running headed North on the boardwalk. It was 80 degrees at 7:30 this morning, but there was a great breeze. It was overcast. If I’m going to run in August, this is my kind of weather. I ran to the end of the boardwalk and continue North into the North End residential area – our old stomping ground.  It was fun to run the route I used to run every day for more than a year. I turned around at the 52nd Street light and headed back to the boardwalk.  As I got to the area where my car was parked (mile 5.5), I was craving something besides water. I knew I had an ice-cold Gatorade in my car. I took a quick detour, ran to my car, and thoroughly enjoyed some of the ice-cold drink.  Well worth the pit stop!  At this point, I was still feeling good.  4.5 miles didn’t sound so bad after I had already ran 5.5 miles.

I left my car and continued to head south on the boardwalk. At this point, I thought my bladder was going to explode. TMI ALERT! I think it did a little 🙂 Add that to yesterday’s list of the joys of pregnant running.

I ran down to 1st street and rudee inlet, quickly used the bathroom, and realized I had less than a 5k left in my run.  A 5k? I can run a 5k!

Rudee Inlet

From there I ran up over the Rudee Inlet Bridge (ouch!) and past the aquarium. I turned around and head back to 14th street.  At this point my car was calling my name. I hit 10 miles 2 blocks from my car.  Double digits feels good!

10 miles! Done!

After a quick check of my cell phone, I realized my husband was surfing 7 blocks from my car. I did a quick wardrobe change (yes! outside! in front of my car!). I changed from running clothes to my bathing suit and flip-flops. Thank goodness for bathing suit cover ups. I actually managed to change my clothes gracefully. I grabbed my beach chair, and I made the LONG 7 block hike to find him. The 1/2 mile walk felt longer than my entire run, but it was so worth it. I haven’t watched Christian surf all summer (there hasn’t been any surf). I got to jump in the ocean and cool off. I also go to relax in my beach chair for over an hour.

Christian is one of those heads bobbing in the water

All of that was done before noon. Now that is my kind of saturday morning.

How did my run go?

GREAT! i walked about 0.1 to 0.2 of every mile. I never got winded. I pushed myself mentally. I didn’t over push myself physically. I didn’t have any stomach pains. I drank A LOT of water. I ate a few GUs. Maute Moo was happily kicking away the entire time I sat on the beach. I made myself proud. I wanted to run the 10 miles in less than 2:30.  My official finish time was 2:13:39 (13:22 min/mile). This makes me very happy! I’m so glad I ignored the lesson I thought I learned last weekend. The boardwalk was the perfect spot for my run today.

While I’m trying hard not to set a time goal for myself for the Rock n Roll half marathon, a 3 hour finish doesn’t seem unrealistic at this point. Only race day will tell!

Guess what I spotted at mile 7 on my run? It definitely added some fuel to my run!

Less than a month away!

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9 thoughts on “Lesson Not Learned. Lesson Defeated.

  1. So glad your run went great and even happier you come down to relax on the beach! It was nice having you there! I love you and Maute Moo!!!

    1. It’s a fun course. I ran it last year too. It is just a miserably hot time of the year. I’m hoping a cold front rolls in that weekend 🙂

    1. ahhh thank you! It really is such a pretty place to run. No wonder I keep going back. As much as I love my neighborhood, sometimes a change of scenery is great.

  2. Oh my! You rocked that 10 miler! Good for you.

    Also – I’m like you, there are definitely areas/ routes that I vow to myself that I’ll never do again, and….I always end up running them again and again.

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