2 simple words

After my long run on Saturday, I knew I need to say thank you to my husband. After a great concert last night, I knew I needed to say thank you to my husband.

So I’ve decided to do what every good blogging wife should do….I’m writing my husband’s thank you note on my blog.

To say thank you, I head on over to pinterest to find a fun thank you image to open up this post with. I typed in “thank you”. One of the first things to pop up wasn’t exactly a thank you, but it screams “Christian” to me.  If it were on the front of a card in Hallmark, I would have to buy it for him.

Trust me. He is laughing right now! This drives him nuts – along with a few other weird speech patterns every day American’s have picked up along the way.

On to the Thank you……..

My husband has been listening to, dealing with, and accommodating my marathon training schedule since November of 2009.  He has graciously and more than willingly turned Saturday mornings into Cole and Christian mornings so I can go for a run. He makes sure he arrives home at a prompt time during winter months, so I can run before it gets dark.  He meets me at the door with cold water. He rides his bicycle beside when I need him. He’s dropped everything to bring me more water along my route when I’ve run out of water. He’s rubbed my feet, my legs, my butt, my back. He’s cheered me on in every race (once from a beach chair in Barbados – but he had the phone sitting next to him so I could proudly say “I did it” to my biggest fan after my run). He’s woke up on race day to make me breakfast, to drop me off at start lines, and to drag our non-morning person child out the door to cheer me on. He’s entertained Cole for hours on the side lines so I can see them for 2 minutes during 2+ hour races.  He sat with me in doctor’s office appointments for my stress fracture, so I couldn’t ignore the doctor’s orders. He let me cry about my missed marathon. He went with me to the marathon I didn’t run to cheer on 1000+ strangers and a few friends for more than 4 hours.

Richmond Half-Marathon - Best cheer squad ever!

He doesn’t do any of this because he loves the sport of running. In fact, I think it’s safe to say he isn’t a big fan of running at all.  He does all of this for me. He wants to see me smile. He knows how much I love it.

Just when he thought he was off the hook with running accommodations for a while, I got pregnant.  If you run and if you are/have been pregnant, you know how similar the entire process is on your entire body. It’s wonderful. It’s exciting. You celebrate each mile marker. It makes your body hurt. It makes you tired. It’s the best thing you will ever do.

Christian continues to rub my feet, my legs, my butt, my back, and now my hips, my shoulders, and my neck. He is always right there to get me a glass of water. He makes me whatever snack I want. He lets me nap when needed. He doesn’t complain when I go to bed at 8pm (too much).

Not only is Christian dealing with pregnancy symptoms, he is dealing with training symptoms too.  After my long run on Saturday, he rubbed my feet. He let me nap. He made me dinner. He tucked me into bed early.  On Sunday night, we went to see Band of Horses. He stood in the back of the venue to accommodate my need to not be trampled by feet and elbows. He made numerous trips to the bar for water (which cost $1.00 – RIDICULOUS!). He made me my own dinner for the grill out before hand, so I could fulfill my pregnant desires. He only drank two beers so he could drive me home because I was tired.  So much for the perk of having a permanent designated drive while your wife is pregnant.  When we got home from the concert, I was over tired and over hungry. I threw up and crawled in bed. He brought me my favorite snack – carnation instant breakfast drink. He rubbed my feet.  He kissed me good night.

My husband deserves more than a Thank You.  As we laid in bed last night feeling Maute Moo dance away in my belly, he or she said thank you to his or her dad by kicking him in the head for the first time. Last night was the first night we felt real kicks not just movement. Maute Moo literally kicked Christian in the head.

For those of you who think running is an individual sport – It’s not. I couldn’t do it without Christian. For those of you who think carrying a baby is only the joy/responsibility/burden of the mother – It’s not. I couldn’t do this life without Christian. Without this life, I doubt I’d be happy.  So Christian, thank you for the happiness in my life.

I don’t say thank you nearly enough. I don’t say I love you nearly enough. BUT THANK YOU! And I LOVE YOU! You are the best husband for me!

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7 thoughts on “2 simple words

  1. This blog was funny and so sweet…we were there too for that Richmond half (just saying!!) we love you!!!!

  2. i love you very much and i’m lucky to have such a beautiful and amazing running mama to support!!!

  3. Aw! So sweet! Although my husband doesn’t dote on me quite that much, I am so thankful that he is supportive of my running (most of the time, not so much during pregnancy) and that he is a runner also. I don’t know what I would do without him by my side during my pregnancy. I can’t even imagine going through this without him. Pregnancy + running are definitely not individual things!

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