Officially half way!

Today marks the half-way point in my pregnancy (plus or minus a few days depending on the cooking time for Maute Moo).

How am I feeling? Great! I still love an afternoon nap, but who doesn’t love a nap. Minus the rare occasion, the throwing up, the headaches, and the lack of energy is all gone. Maute Moo has turned into a party animal. He/She turns up the music and starts to dance around 7pm each night. I feel him/her until I fall asleep. He/She kicks, flips, rolls, and pokes.

Hi Mom and Dad!

Cravings? I don’t really have strange cravings anymore. Yes. I love french fries still, but I think that is just a personal preference. Last night I really wanted chocolate, so I made brownies. Again, I think it’s just me not necessarily the pregnancy that wants these things.  My appetite has definitely balanced out. I don’t have any weird foods that I must avoid or must have.

Concerns? My only concern at this point is making sure I’m still consuming enough calories on days that a run.  On my run on Saturday I burned almost 1000 calories. I am eating when I’m hungry. Does any one know if there is a standard “rule of thumb” to go by when burning calories while pregnant. I know I read somewhere that the body needs about 300 extra calories a day for the baby.  Should I make sure I consume the calories I burned while working out? I have a doctor’s appoint Thursday. I’ll be asking!  Between my last two appointments (2 weeks apart), I didn’t gain any weight.  Prior to those appointments, my weight gain has fluctuated greatly.  I’ve gained A LOT one month. I gained a little the next.  I really don’t know how much I’ve gained my entire pregnancy because I’m not exactly sure of my start weight to begin with (we don’t own a scale, and I only weigh myself when I step on the Wii Fit board or at the doctor’s office).   I was definitely at my lowest when I was marathon training.  I then stopped running due to my injury, and I’m pretty confident I gained a few pounds (5 lbs to be exact). A month later I found out I was pregnant.  So, with all that said, I think I’ve gained any where from 12-15 lbs with this pregnancy.

I really don’t care about my weight gain number (as long as I don’t get up and over the 50 lb mark).  I just want to make sure I’m providing my baby with the proper nutrition. I eat when I’m hungry. 90% of the time, I’m eating foods high in nutrition.  We eat balanced meals in our household. I do love my snacks – french fries, gummy candies, and a few occasional chocolate snacks – but I limit my consumption of them. Honestly, it isn’t much different now than when I wasn’t pregnant.

Aches and pains? My lower back on the right side is throbbing each night. I’m pretty sure my hips are spreading. I also know that Maute Moo loves to hang out around my hips. I have a feeling it is a combination of spreading hips, baby and the rod and pins in my right femur and hip.

20 weeks - no hiding that baby bump

The BIG ULTRASOUND DAY is Thursday! We have decided to find out the sex of the baby (heart rate is still hanging out at 140). We are having an official “reveal the sex of the baby” party on Saturday with our families. Cupcakes for everyone courtesy of my friend Morgan!  Pink or blue icing? Any guesses? My vote is still for pink!

Maute Moo at our first ultrasound. I can't wait to see how much he/she has changed.

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12 thoughts on “Officially half way!

  1. So fun that you are having a reveal the sex party!
    I have always wanted to be surprised with the sex of my baby – but I do not have kids yet, so I am not sure if that will go as planned! I might get too anxious.

    You look great and I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smooth:-)

    1. Thank you! We really had a hard time deciding if we wanted to know or not. I think if the due date was any other time of the year, we might have waited. Planning for Christmas, preparing to play Santa Clause, and expecting a child 2 days after Christmas is overwhelming to me (since I over-plan everything!)

      I’m super excited for the cupcakes though! and of course to know the gender of the baby!

  2. can’t wait to see you and and the amazing hubby on saturday! along with the cupcake color =-) either color, and maute moo will be thoroughly loved (and spoiled!) without a doubt!

  3. So exciting for you guys. You look great and to think you are halfway–amazing! So, you are still doing workouts and running, etc.? I’m taking all this info in for when I’m preggo b/c I want to continue w/ workouts and wasn’t sure if you could or not. Keep it up doing great!

    1. I am still running and practicing yoga. My running is more run/walking. Since I started pregnancy injured, my running isn’t exactly where it was before but I’m happy with anything. I talked about my running with my doctor, and she is okay with everything. I also have a friend who is an athletic trainer. She developed my “return to running” plan after the stress fracture. (crazy timing for both!) I’m running about 11:30 min/mile pace right now but I walk about 1/10th of every mile. It’s working great for me. A lot of people I know who are running while pregnant are able to run the whole time. I’ve opted for a little walking and more mileage! When you get preggo, I’ll definitely send you all the info I have 🙂

  4. Hi! You look so cute!!! thought of you much in a roadtrip recently….what is your actual due date? xoxo

  5. Congrats on the halfway mark! You look awesome. Love that shirt, too!

    Based on the “old wives tales”, I’m going to guess BOY for you. You look like you’re carrying low and you’re having some salty cravings (?). That’s what I’ve heard anyway, and funny because I’m feeling and looking very similar to you!

    Oh and speaking of similarities: that lower right side pain in your back? Me too! Ugh. It is sooo uncomfortable at night. Have you tried a Boppy or Snoogle pillow? I have a Boppy and it seems to help.

    1. My mom bought me a body pillow. It has help overall, but I’ll be looking at those pillows too!

      I can’t wait for saturday. You and my dear friend are guessing Boy. My brain has been thinking girl all along (for no good reason) that if it is a boy, I’m got some brain re-wiring to do! haha! I can’t wait to know! Do you have an ultrasound scheduled yet????

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