Scarecrow Moment

I think this might become a weekly blog topic for me now that I’m pregnant. If I only had a brain….

I could wile away the hours
Conferrin’ with the flowers
Consultin’ with the rain

I swear. I promise. I cross my heart. I pinky promise. I had a brain before I got pregnant. Something happened after we heard the baby’s heart beat. Since then I have moments daily where I embarrass myself, laugh at myself, and apologize over and over again for my lack of a brain.

This weeks scarecrow moment……….

My endomondo was working yesterday! For 12 miles I kept questioning the mileage of my run. I over analyzed my pace. I second guessed myself. My endomondo was tracking kilometers instead of miles. (It’s okay to laugh! I couldn’t stop laughing and shaking my head when I discovered it before bedtime).

The good news – I know my body and my running.  My run continues to get stronger.

My running total – 11.92 (let’s just call it 12. If I would NEVER end a run with only .08 left, but what the heck! Not too bad for guessing!)

Things to work on – goofing off!  My mile times were great yesterday EXCEPT when I stopped to use the bathroom (twice), talked to another couple, and spent at least 3 minutes searching my camelbak for GU and reassuring the guy on the trail that me and Mister Maute Moo are fine.  Don’t worry! I’ll be more focused on race day.  Did I mention it is 2 weeks away?

1 – 12:02

2 – 16:42 (1st bathroom break)

3 – 13:18

4 – 12:15

5 – 12:56

6 – 12:42

7 – 13:32

8 – 15:41 (searching for GU)

9 – 13:13

10 – 17:59 (2nd bathroom break, too much talking)

11 – 12:37

12 – 12:30

50% of my miles are in the 12s! Definitely an improvement!!!! I promise I’ll work on my bathroom breaks (I didn’t need the 2nd one. I just used it since it was there), my talking, and keeping my GU in a spot that is easily accessible.

And my brain should return by 2013 – post pregnancy, post breast-feeding.

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4 thoughts on “Scarecrow Moment

    1. Fortunately I tend to be a little more focuesed on race day! 🙂 Glad I’m not the only one who spends minutes searching. hehe!

      (and thank you!)

      Are you liking your new Garmin? Looks like I’ll be shopping for a new one, and I’m not to eager to buy my same model.

  1. Hahaha! I totally understand the lack of brain… but PLEASE tell me it comes back WHILE breastfeeding?! I don’t think I can go much longer forgetting I seriously have to write down everything or I will forget. (Like telling my husband I will take his keys out of my purse as soon as I get in the house while I’m walking in the house, only to forget and went to the gym in the morning with them in my purse – luckily, he found the spare!)

    Awesome run, girl! I am seriously so jealous you are doing your half while pregnant! You are totally going to rock it! Will there be a way to track you on race day?

    1. I honestly can’t remember from when I had my son. I think it got better, but now I just have “mom” moments. I swear they take some of our brain cells. Post pregnancy is no where near as bad as during pregnancy! I did the exact same thing with my husbands check card. I even made a trip home to return it, but I think I got distracted by making a snack!

      Thank you! I can’t wait for race day. I’m pretty sure you can track bib numbers. I’ll look into and I’ll post my bib# with a link! (I LOVE tracking people on race days!)

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