Changing Gears

Now that I the Rock n Roll half-marathon is behind me, I am happy to shift gears. I’m ready to tackle a birthing plan instead of a training plan for the next 4 months.

The goal = natural child-birth.

I’ve updated the Running Tab on my blog is you’d like to read about my future plans for running.

How am I feeling 1 day after my half marathon? My legs feel good. My calves are a little tight, but they feel good. Mister Moo is happily kicking up a storm. Overall, my body feels good.  My back. That is a different story. It feels incredibly uncomfortable.  I’ve been complaining about lower back pain for a few weeks now. It has been bugging me on and off.  This past week, it has kept me up almost every night. Last night was no different. I went to bed at 10pm. I woke up at 2am with horrible lower back pains. I never got comfortable again. I finally gave up on being in and out of sleep at 6am, and I got out of bed. Since then I just can’t get comfortable. I can’t stand comfortably. I can’t sit comfortably. I can’t lie down comfortably. I’ve spent most of today moving from one position to another while begging for back rubs from my husband. It feels great when he puts pressure on the lower right side.  I’m pretty confident I’m having posterior pelvic pain.

I have a doctor’s appointment on Thursday. I also plan on going to yoga Wednesday in addition to my Thursday class. Functioning on a few hours of sleep is good practice for after the baby comes, right?

Click the picture for a link to prenatal yoga poses for back pain relief

For those who think you shouldn’t run while pregnant, this is a very common condition for pregnant women. I’ve been experiencing the pain long before my race. I do think the race aggravated the condition, but it did not cause it. The pain is also not causing any harm to my baby. It’s only causing discomfort for me.

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8 thoughts on “Changing Gears

  1. YAY! So glad you finished! OK — so on the natural childbirth, call me. I have all sorts of good things to say…Love to you!

    1. I have been thinking about your peaceful quiet birthing stories a lot lately! Be prepared for lots of questions. Want to be my Doula??? Love you!

  2. So excited you did the half and while pregnant, even more awesome. I was thankful that I tend to have quick and relative easy labors and thankfully was able to manage natural childbirth with all 3. Keeping the same mental mind set as you do while running long distances during birth will help.

    1. I love getting encouragement for natural birth! Thank you! My labor with my son was incredibly fast – 6 hours start to finish, but I did get an epideural. I was told I would have him in the late hours of the day. I knew I couldn’t handle that pain for 12 more hours. He was born 20 minutes after the epi (they never check my progress!). I will definitely be asking them to check this time!

  3. you have to put a “back pain and baby running” disclaimer on your blog? anyone giving you crap about running during pregnancy, tell them to mind their own business and send them my way. i’ll take care of them for you! love you girl. keep going with whatever you want and whatever makes you feel good in your life!!!!

  4. Oh wow! I have all of the input in the world about running and running during pregnancy. But natural childbirth- ha! I went as long as I could (over 15 or so hours!) good thing I didn’t continue to try natural or she would’ve been an emergency c-section (more than likely!) Thankfully I was a good “pusher!” That sunny side up little runt! All I know is I’m praying for good positioning next go round. I bet with a prior 6 hour labor you are set up for success!! Good luck!!

    1. I should probably rephrase my goal – stress free delivery for the baby is what I really want! If I have the labor you had, I will be getting an medicine at that point!!!! Your delivery with Avery was amazing. I don’t know how you did it. I got very lucky with Cole. I hope to get even more lucky with this one 🙂

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