“Keep Mama Sane” Training Plan

Let’s talk about running…

Did you hear the buzz in the running world this weekend? Don’t worry. I didn’t either until I read Beth’s blog, Shut up and Run.  A new marathon record was set! 2:03:38 for a FULL MARATHON. 26.2 Miles. 26.2 miles in nearly 2 freaking hours! That is a pace of 4:43 min/miles. That is nothing short of amazing! I’ve never even run a half marathon that fast (although mark my words, I will! I’ve got high hopes for post-pregnancy running!).

Thanks Beth for keeping me up to date on all the cool running stuff!

Back to my reality………

I haven’t run since my accidental 7 mile run 9 days ago. In the real world, 9 days without running isn’t a big deal. In my world, 9 days without running feels like an eternity. Minus my 12 week break this past spring, I’ve been training for a race for the past 2 years.  Since the Rock n Roll half, I am for the first time in my adult (consistent) running life running (or not running) without a training plan.

I love how my pregnant body held on to running so I could cross the finish line at my half marathon. Although my body had a huge part in my running those 13.1 miles, I think I have forgotten to give my mind some credit. My body could still be running 13.1 miles. It’s my brain that has turned off.  It’s no surprise to me that running has become harder since the race. I’m not running for a goal anymore. I can justify 9 days of not running because I’m not training. While I’m not suggesting that everyone plans a 13 mile run during pregnancy, I think setting that goal is what made me stay strong and active (plus some luck and a very easy pregnancy).

Enjoying my 3:03:37 Pregnant Half-Marathon finish..........I swear it felt as good as setting a new world record

Let me be honest for 2 minutes: If I don’t have a plan written down on paper, I become quite lazy. When I become lazy, I become incredibly irritable. When I become incredibly irritable, I become mean. Do I need to continue? It’s a vicious cycle, and I can get stuck in it.

I know I said I was going to embrace the idea of not having a training plan for the rest of my pregnancy. I’m taking it back. I need a training plan to keep me mentally healthy.  Don’t believe me? Ask my husband. He is the one who has to suffer through my bi-polar pregnant moments (Am I allowed to blame them on pregnancy?). In order to keep myself happy (and my family), I’ve created a new training plan to carry me through Weeks 27 – 32 of my pregnancy.

Here is my newly created  “Keep Mama Sane” Training Plan:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Sept 26th Run  Run Yoga 5+ miles
Oct 3rd Run Run Yoga 5+ miles
Oct 10th Run Run Yoga Race for the Cure 5k
Oct 17th Run Run Yoga 5+ miles
Oct 24th Run Run Yoga Wicked 10k

I’m keeping the plan simple.

Run – Mondays and Tuesdays (2-3 miles)

Yoga – Class on Thursdays (plus video at home any day of the week)

Long Runs – Weekend (5+ miles)

This will keep me moving up until the Wicked 10k  at the end of the month. I will reevaluate my physical abilities at the end of October when I’m 32 weeks pregnant!

I think I can hear Christian sighing with relief already.  I’m a much more enjoyable person when I’m running!

Yes. You've seen this before, but it is so true (for me!)

Have you checked out my updated “Running” tab? I’d love some imput on post-baby running and some marathon ideas.  What is your “must-run” marathon?

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12 thoughts on ““Keep Mama Sane” Training Plan

  1. I am a total sucker for training plans… When I don’t have one, I feel like I’ve got no direction. So I keep one posted on the side of the refrigerator. Every workout I do gets a check-mark, and skipped get a big, black X. I don’t want to see Xs, so that’s motivation for me! 🙂

    1. I post mine next to my computer monitor at work. I get to stare at it all day long. It normally motivates me for after-work runs, but it’s also a not so nice reminder when I skip one. Definitely keeps me motivated!

  2. Love this! I wrote a similar plan when I first found out I was pregnant, but that’s changed a lot since then as I can’t run as much as I thought I’d be able to. However, having some kind of plan is totally important! Without it, I wouldn’t do a darn thing.

  3. I totally understand – I am a planner all the way. I don’t necessarily get lazy without a plan, but I definitely feel that I need some structure in my life! So far, I have loved not really having a plan for the past 6 months – just run a few days a week, as much as my body can handle. Worked for me!

  4. you can join me at the end of any of my long weekend runs if you want.
    12 this sat/sun
    20 miles on the 8th/9th weekend (hope i can get most of these miles in)
    12 miles 15/16 weekend
    8miles on the 22nd/23rd.

    then its marathon time. yikes!

    let me know. i try to go early morning. and will be around trashmore of the runs. i might start out faster but at the ends of my long runs im just getting through it.

  5. Do you ever watch the show Parenthood on NBC? It’s on on Tuesday nights, and one of the characters is very pregnant. She had a bit of a pregnancy freak out on last week’s episode, and this kind of made me think of that. Of course you can blame the hormones…heck, I do when I have my period! But I know what you mean about needing a training plan. If I don’t have a race on the calendar, I really start to slack!!!

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